MaxLinear Highlights Leading End- to- end Broadband Access and Connectivity

MaxLinear,Inc.( Nasdaq MXL), a global leader in broadband access and gateway results, moment blazoned that it’ll demonstrate three innovative pieces of its end- to- end access and connectivity result at CES 2024. The demonstrations will involve A speed test of its new DOCSIS4.0 platform, Puma ™ 8; a performance test of its newultra-high split upstream programmable gain amplifier( PGA); and a demonstration of the power effectiveness of its Wi- Fi 7 platform. The demonstrations show MaxLinear’s technological leadership in developing a complete low power, high performance broadband access and connectivity platform that provides ultimate inflexibility for service providers.
“ Service providers can reap significant benefits from these innovative broadband platforms for the rearmost PON and DOCSIS technologies, ” said Will Torgerson, VP/ GM Broadband Group. “ Our platforms offer the benefits of increased speed, reduced costs, bettered performance, and lower power consumption making them largely seductive for service providers seeking to enhance their broadband immolations. ”

MaxLinear Demonstrations at CES 2024

Puma 8 DOCSIS4.0 Speed Test MaxLinear will demonstrate lesser than 9 Gbps pets for its Puma 8 platform using ESD/ FDD technology and grounded on 5 x OFDMs channels. This outturn position rivals that of XGS- PON fiber connectivity results. The result showcases complete silicon, tackle, and software functionality and can be cost and power optimized for Ultra DOCSIS3.1, allowing service providers to upgrade4.0 at their pace.
Puma 8 Platform PGA MaxLinear will showcase the performance of itsultra-high split upstream PGA for its Puma 8 platform. The low- power PGA achieves upstream pets of over to 7 Gbps grounded on 6 x OFDMA channels in the 108 MHz to 684 MHz band and 1 x OFDMA channel on the heritage 5 MHz to 85 MHz band.
Wi- Fi 7 Power effectiveness MaxLinear will demonstrate how its Wi- Fi 7 platform consumes no further than5.7 watts of power while footling and lower than7.4 to 9 watts in typical operation scripts, similar as videotape streaming over an XGS- PON fiber link to a Wi- Fi customer. At these situations, power consumption is reduced by half of similar products on the request. The reference platform used in this demonstration features the AnyWAN URX851 – MaxLinear’s universal,ultra-scalable broadband SoC- and the MxL31712 Wi- Fi 7 radio, which integrates thetri-band 4 4 4 MAC plus RF in a single chip.
A Complete Access and Connectivity Ecosystem

Puma 8 and Wi- Fi 7 SoCs are part of MaxLinear’s optimized home broadband access and connectivity ecosystem that offers largely intertwined single- chip gateway and router results. The chipsets are separate factors that are each optimized for performance, and farther cost- and performance- optimized when grouped as a platform result.

AnyWAN This revolutionary technology breaks down the reliance on a single access technology, enabling service providers to offermulti-gigabit services through a flawless aggregation of colorful access mediums like fiber, blandish, and cellular. This ensures the stylish possible stoner experience anyhow of the underpinning structure limitations.
Puma ™ 8 DOCSIS ®4.0 Cable Modem and Gateway Platform structure off the former Puma SoCs, this slice- edge platform delivers the coming generation of string technology, supporting pets exceeding 10 Gbps downstream and 6 Gbps upstream, with our newultra-high split upstream PGA. The PGA’sultra-high split upstream capability is vital for optimizing network performance as it enables a more effective allocation of upstream frequence diapason, easing increased upstream data capacity. This results in bettered network responsiveness, reduced quiescence, and enhanced overall stoner gests .
World’s First Single- Chip Wi- Fi 7 Solution MaxLinear leads the way in Wi- Fi 7 technology with its single- chip SoC, boasting unequaled performance and effectiveness. This result deliversmulti-gigabit pets, lower quiescence, and increased trustability, enabling a new period of wireless connectivity for demanding operations like the metaverse, home security, and remote monitoring.
MoCA & MaxLinear’s MoCA results offer robust in- home networking, extending gigabit pets throughout the entire demesne. MoCA leverages being coax cabling, utilizes being phone lines, barring the need for fresh wiring and offering a flawless result formulti-story structures or areas with limited Wi- Fi content.
Ethernet MaxLinear’s high- performance Ethernet results give the backbone for dependable and scalable wired connectivity within the home and data centers. The company’s expansive portfolio includes Gigabit Ethernet,2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and arising technologies like 25 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, icing flawless data transfer across colorful operations.

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