MaxLinear’s Puma ™ 8 DOCSIS ®4.0 ESD/ FDD Achieves Lesser than 10 Gbps Throughput, Offering Cable Service

MaxLinear,Inc.( Nasdaq MXL) moment blazoned that Puma 8, its ESD/ FDD DOCSIS4.0 string modem and gateway platform, delivers lesser than 10 Gbps data outturn pets as an Ultra DOCSIS3.1 result. With pets close to PON fiber, Multi Service Drivers( MSOs) now have a DOCSIS upgrade result that requires minimum capital expenditure to achieve 10 Gbps service over string versus the cost of a full- scale DOCSIS4.0 structure overhaul. For service providers who want to upgrade to DOCSIS4.0 incontinently, Puma 8 can be coupled with MaxLinear’s single- chip, low- power DOCSIS4.0 Ultra High Split( UHS) Upstream Programmable Gain Amplifier( PGA) that together can achieve upstream pets of over to 7 Gbps grounded on 6 x OFDMA channels in the 108 MHz to 684 MHz band and 1 x OFDMA channel on the heritage 5 MHz to 85 MHz band.
Designed to handle coming- generation operations taking ever more data pets similar as gaming, digital health, and 8k streaming – the Puma 8 single- chip DOCSIS4.0 result meets the requirements of MSOs who continually grapple with the decision of when and how stylish to upgrade broadband service for their guests. As MSOs balance client prospects of briskly and more dependable service versus profit growth and functional effectiveness, Puma 8 offers an extremely cost-effective result of a flawless upgrade path to Ultra DOCSIS3.1 and DOCSIS4.0. As more expensive broadband PON technologies come standard for some networks, Puma 8 provides MSOs with the fiscal inflexibility to gauge their string- grounded versus PON- grounded data services strategically.

” MaxLinear’s new Puma 8 platform marks a significant vault forward in DOCSIS4.0 technology,” said Will Torgerson, VP/ GM Broadband Group.” Our platform is designed for exceptional performance and energy effectiveness, achieving over 10 Gbps data pets that compete fiber. This positions our MSO mates to deliverultra-fast broadband with smart capital expenditure, elevating the home connectivity experience for consumers moment and into the future.”

Puma 8 presents significant cost advantage to MSOs, who are aiming to incontinently give guests with 10 Gbps service via an Ultra DOCSIS3.1 result, with a cost-effective upgrade pathway to DOCSIS4.0 in the future. By using Puma 8 as an incremental upgrade to Ultra DOCSIS3.1 within their being traditional mongrel Fiber-Coextensive( HFC) network, drivers can significantly enhance their network data- speed performance without incurring the substantial costs associated with full- scale structure overhauls needed for full- duplex DOCSIS4.0. This cost-effective approach allows MSOs to tap into the benefits of advanced DOCSIS4.0 technology, achieving enhanced data pets and network capabilities, while strategically managing capital expenditure. This CAPEX control provides yet another subcaste of inflexibility, minimizing and/ or postponing the need for expensive expansive network structure variations while navigating the evolving,multi-faceted geography of furnishing high- speed broadband data services.

Ultra-High Split Upstream PGA

In addition to being optimized for cost, the Puma 8 platform is erected for optimal performance. MaxLinear’s single- chip low- power DOCSIS4.0 Ultra High Split( UHS) Upstream Programmable Gain Amplifier( PGA) was developed specifically to work and affiliate seamlessly with Puma 8, furnishing an unmatched end- to- end result. Its low- power design, with minimum external separate unresistant factors, contributes to energy effectiveness, small board footmark and reduced functional costs for OEMs and drivers.

The DOCSIS4.0 UHS PGA’sultra-high split upstream capability is vital for optimizing network performance as it enables a more effective allocation of upstream frequence diapason, easing increased upstream data capacity. This results in bettered network responsiveness, reduced quiescence, and enhanced overall stoner experience, critical factors in meeting the growing demand for high- speed, low- quiescence connectivity.

likewise, the frequence tunable bandwidth of the PGA provides inflexibility for network drivers to acclimatize and optimize performance according to specific network bandwidth conditions. This rigidity ensures scalability and future- proofing, allowing drivers to evolve and grow their network capacity in tandem with technological advancements without taking expansive modem or gateway reserves.

MaxLinear’s innovative Puma 8 grounded DOCSIS4.0 modem and gateway platforms, including itsultra-high split PGA, form the backbone MaxLinear’s optimized DOCSIS4.0 broadband home access and connectivity ecosystem.

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