Motorola Solutions partners with Google Cloud to advance safety and security

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) and Google Cloud have entered into a multi-year strategic agreement to collaborate on cutting-edge cloud solutions for security and safety technologies. This partnership will leverage Google Cloud infrastructure to propel the evolution of intelligent assistance, emphasizing the delivery of highly precise and dependable video content, mapping, and AI capabilities to effectively tackle real-world security challenges.

Mahesh Saptharishi, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Motorola Solutions, highlighted the significance of customer trust in creating a more secure future for communities and businesses. He expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it would harness the power of sensors, data, and AI to enhance accessibility and actionability in the realm of safety and security.

The collaborative efforts will see the integration of these newly developed features into Motorola Solutions’ expanding portfolio of cloud security solutions. Among them is Avigilon Alta, a fully cloud-native video enterprise security suite designed for organizations of all sizes. The objective is to provide comprehensive and scalable security solutions, ranging from better protection for schools to identifying unusual activities in businesses and ensuring more effective security for large-scale events.

Mahesh Saptharishi emphasized the critical role of real-time visibility and awareness in guaranteeing both public and business security. He highlighted the commitment to utilizing advanced technologies to address security challenges, emphasizing Motorola Solutions’ track record of leadership in technological innovations for community and business protection.

Will Grannis, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Google Cloud, acknowledged Motorola Solutions’ extensive history of technology leadership in safeguarding communities and businesses. Grannis expressed the joint commitment to leveraging the latest cloud advancements to support Motorola Solutions’ initiatives aimed at driving innovations in safety and security through the cloud.

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