NEC Introduces UNIVERGE BLUE ® AI Adjunct, Powered by UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE ™ Artificial Intelligence, Bringing the Power of Generative AI to its UNIVERGE BLUE Dispatches PLATFORM

NEC Corporation of America( NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, dispatches and networking results, moment blazoned the launch of UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant powered by UNIVERGE BLUE palpitation artificial intelligence( AI). UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE, the rearmost addition to its comprehensive UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES portfolio, is an artificial intelligence machine that plays a vital part in both UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT and ENGAGE, furnishing slice- edge AI technology, courteously and responsibly integrated into its intelligent dispatches platform. It’s designed to empower businesses by enhancing intelligence, productivity, effectiveness and client care capabilities.
The UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant uses generative AI to help businesses fluently access and automate repetitious and time- consuming tasks. From jotting content to answering constantly asked questions, writing law, rephrasing textbook, recapitulating information and further, druggies can pierce the AI Assistant through CONNECT. In addition to these capabilities, sequestration and security are at the core of the AI Assistant. It proactively keeps information druggies partake private — on with any company data — by not storing any information in the GenAI machine. This means information input by druggies within a client terrain is noway transferred externally for purposes of farther training the AI machine, icing client personal information and operation of AI is kept nonpublic and secure.

erected into the CONNECT desktop and mobile operations, this new productivity tool is available for free for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT druggies, including rudiments, PRO, PRO PLUS, and CONNECT BRIDGE PRO andPRO-PLUS druggies. Stylish of all, this is just the morning with instigative new features and capabilities on the horizon.

” NEC understands that enhancing productivity and optimizing time is pivotal for our guests. The UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant, integrated with the UNIVERGE BLUE palpitation AI machine, is essential for delivering slice- edge technology in intelligent dispatches, ” said Marc Hebner, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation of America. “ This addition underscores our commitment to icing our guests have the stylish tools available to maximize hand and client gests , eventually contributing to their business success.”

As the foundation of NEC’s AI- powered technology, UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE can be set up throughout CONNECT and ENGAGE. Then are a many other areas where it’s employed to help businesses achieve their full implicit

Recap – Automatic,non-real time recap of audio recordings into written textbook, made upon termination of a call or meeting. Transcribes voicemails, contact center call recordings and recorded virtual meetings.
AI Recap Redaction – Detects and removes sensitive information from call abstracts like tête-à-tête Identifiable Information( PII), Payment Card Assiduity( PCI), Personal Health Information( PHI) and makes abstracts hunt using crucial words.
AI Sentiment Analysis – Automatically identifies and excerpts private information from transcribed voice calls, determining the emotional tone of a piece of textbook — grading it as positive, negative or neutral — making it easier for contact center administrators to identify the right exchanges to review.
AI Annotator – Transcribed exchanges can be searched for crucial detector words and flagged relations can be automatically assigned to quality assurance judges for review. This allows druggies to give feedback on exchanges with the topmost business impact.
AI Interaction Summary( Coming Soon) – Automatically generates a summary of every inbound or outbound call, creating a timely and accurate account of the commerce, therefore saving the agent time and adding delicacy.
Notes, Action particulars, and Virtual Backgrounds for videotape Conferencing- Analysis of recorded exchanges to identify crucial motifs, speaker turns and practicable particulars similar as tasks, opinions and follow- up conduct. Virtual background point allows assiduity standard visual sequestration in meetings, especially in work from home( WFH) surroundings.

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