CommBox introduces period AI, enabling intelligent client service robotization and a 40 reduction in CX costs

CommBox, the colonist in AI- powered client dispatches, moment introduces its new generative AI result. Designed for medium to large enterprises across diligence similar as healthcare, banking, retail, telecommunications and insurance, period AI is grounded on a successful combination of CommBox- developed technology and marketable language models. Thanks to period AI’s high functionality, it scans the company’s knowledge sources and provides guests with accurate, largely individualized information in seconds via the digital messaging channel of their choice.
period AI automates client service, reducing costs for businesses and dramatically adding the speed and delicacy of processing requests. All while adding client satisfaction CommBox guests record an average client satisfaction rate of 92. The focus is on period AI’s capability to dissect a brand’s entire resource base,e.g.B. Support papers, help and knowledge bases and website content. These data sets are also combined with contextual decision path technology that reflects the inflow of exchanges between people.

period AI empowers anyone, indeed without programming knowledge, to produce intelligent, AI- powered chatbots. The robust features allow advanced customization to suit all business needs. For illustration, the platform’s advanced sentiment analysis allows calls to be diverted when necessary and detects intent, furnishing the end stoner with a discussion- suchlike experience. The platform can also regularize the manner and wording of written responses according to brand guidelines, icing a harmonious client experience. This is a huge effectiveness factor that means companies have to spend 75 lower time training their workers.

period AI also plays an important part in supporting client service agents who can use real- time information to give individualized recommendations and results to resolve client queries more effectively. This leaves workers further time for tasks that bear mortal supervision. also, companies that use CommBox generally see their workers’ productivity double. period AI offers brands looking to reduce call workload and increase profit by offering guests24/7 digital channels and tone- service options a result that helps reduce client service costs by 40 overall.

Yaniv Hakim, CEO andco-founder of CommBox, reflected on the launch “ In the ultramodern enterprise geography, precious contact center models and ineffective chatbots are a relic of the history. I have seen firsthand how these outdated systems frustrate guests and hamper business growth. That is why we developed period AI, a revolutionary result that enables brands to contemporize their client contact strategies and unleash the untapped eventuality of artificial intelligence. period AI is the key to creating flawless, individualized and engaging client gests that support lasting client fidelity. ”

“ 2024 will be a transformative time for client service as companies eventually have the capability to fluently integrate AI to drive huge savings across their client operations, ” added Dvir Hoffman, Chief Product Officer at CommBox. “ It may feel simple on paper, but moving from counting solely on people to 80 robotization and 20 people is a huge shift that utmost brands are still trying to navigate. ”

“ Our thing with period AI was to help enterprise brands, no matter how complex, accelerate their transition to AI- powered automated services and unnaturally transfigure the way they communicate with their druggies. This is not just about belting new AI models around an being bot result to make it a little smarter, which eventually still is not connected to other systems. Rather, it’s about creating a platform that connects to a variety of different business processes and ensures an intuitive and harmonious client experience. ”

CommBox offers brands AI on their own terms, combining the company’s innovative technology with times of assiduity experience to seamlessly move brands into the period of robotization and intelligent client service. Used by further than 350 global brands including IKEA, Clarks, AIG and Suzuki, CommBox has a proven track record of helping leading traditional diligence transition from traditional client dispatches to independent, digital results.

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