Nexthink Elevates Digital Employee Experience with AppLearn Acquisition

In a momentous move marking its 20th anniversary, Nexthink has made a groundbreaking leap in the realm of Digital Employee Experience (DEX) by acquiring the renowned digital adoption pioneer, AppLearn. Having already revolutionized DEX as its inventor, Nexthink boasts a track record of saving millions of productivity hours for over 1,200 customers.

This strategic acquisition reinforces Nexthink’s commitment to redefining DEX, aligning with its longstanding vision of providing enterprises with a unique solution that comprehensively addresses all aspects of digital workplace management. The goal is to restore time to both employees and IT within every enterprise.

AppLearn specializes in personalized learning and digital adoption guidance within applications, contributing to the enhancement of individual and organizational digital dexterity. Simultaneously, it empowers IT with innovative sources of influence and insights for digital transformation projects.

The integration of AppLearn’s real-time guidance with Nexthink’s end-to-end visibility, AI-driven automation capabilities, and user sentiment analysis creates a powerful offering. This combined solution gives IT unprecedented control to confidently drive digital transformation projects and beyond.

Pedro Bados, co-founder, and CEO of Nexthink highlighted, “Nexthink’s vision has consistently aimed to empower IT with full control over the digital employee experience. Maintaining an incident-free infrastructure is crucial, but helping employees learn, adapt, and extract maximum value from their applications represents the crucial last mile of the digital experience.”

Andrew Avanessian, CEO of AppLearn, expressed pride in their achievements, stating, “After identifying a market need for improved digital experiences, we’ve transformed AppLearn from a family-run services business into a pioneering digital adoption product leader. Combining two category leaders allows us to bring to market an end-to-end DEX solution designed to eliminate digital friction and drive ROI from software investments.”

This strategic collaboration between Nexthink and AppLearn promises to usher in a new era of comprehensive Digital Employee Experience, eliminating friction and maximizing the value of software investments.

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