Tangoe Broadens Expense Management Offering for Private Cloud Environments

In a significant move, Tangoe, a trailblazer in technology expense and asset management for over two decades, has introduced its groundbreaking hybrid cloud expense management platform. This platform seamlessly integrates Tangoe’s renowned public cloud visibility and control features with private cloud services powered by VMware®. This development marks a pivotal moment as businesses can now efficiently track and allocate costs for both their public and private cloud infrastructures through the Tangoe One Cloud solution.

Renewed Interest in Private Cloud Infrastructure

As CIOs deliberate on the optimal location for their new Generative AI workloads, there’s a growing realization that the price disparities between public and private clouds are leveling off. Chris Ortbals, Chief Product Officer at Tangoe, emphasizes the importance of an intimate understanding of total cost of ownership for effective cloud strategy decisions. He states, “To effectively navigate cloud strategy decisions, business leaders need an intimate understanding of their total cost of ownership, and Tangoe gives them the AI intelligence to compare public and private cloud costs, making those decisions with confidence.”

Driving Innovation through Transparency

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, commends Tangoe for its commitment to transparency, stating, “Innovation thrives when organizations have transparency into their entire cloud estate, enabling them to harness insights for cost reductions and more strategic investments.”

Addressing Visibility Challenges in Private Cloud Infrastructure

Gaining visibility into both direct and indirect costs associated with delivering a private cloud infrastructure poses a considerable challenge due to manual processes and ancillary expenditures. Tangoe’s AI-powered cloud expense management platform overcomes these obstacles by unifying siloed information, evaluating extensive datasets, and providing insights while efficiently charging expenses back to different departments, projects, and lines of business.

Unique Value and Client Benefits

Tangoe’s hybrid cloud expense management solution consolidates direct and indirect private cloud costs into one comprehensive view, facilitating the necessary visibility and automation for effective cloud spend management. Unlike other solutions in the market that address only specific cost management needs, Tangoe stands out by offering comprehensive cost allocation features across both public and private clouds.

Empowering Clients Using VMware’s Private Cloud Services

Clients leveraging VMware’s private cloud services in conjunction with Tangoe One Cloud can now:

  1. Make informed cloud investment decisions by understanding the “fully loaded” cost of their private cloud deployments through user-friendly visualizations.
  2. Enhance visibility into cloud ROI, driving chargeback processes and efficiently allocating private cloud costs, mirroring their approach to public cloud expenses.
  3. Gain insights from a holistic view of both private and public cloud spend, enabling them to compare costs, delve into granular breakdowns, and generate customized reports.

Compatibility Across Cloud Strategies

Whether businesses adopt a public, private, hybrid, on-premises, or co-located approach, Tangoe’s solution is adaptable. It seamlessly integrates with cloud servers located on-premises or in third-party provider data center facilities (colocation), catering to those pursuing a private-only strategy for their cloud infrastructure.

Continued Commitment to Cloud Optimization

Tangoe remains dedicated to cloud optimization, aligning with the demands of today’s hybrid cloud business environments and streamlining the administrative aspects of expense management. Notably, the company joined the FinOps Foundation as a premier member in September 2023, emphasizing its commitment to deploying the latest FinOps tools and best practices. In November 2023, Tangoe was shortlisted as a finalist for the 2024 Cloud Awards in two distinct categories: “Best Cloud Management Solution of the Year” and “Best Cloud Automation of the Year.”

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