Orange Unveils Augtera: AI Platform for Superior Service & Experience

Orange has embarked on a groundbreaking journey by integrating Network Artificial Intelligence into its Network Operating Center (NOC) tools, following a successful two-year production trial of Augtera. This strategic move aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) operational use cases, heralding transformative business outcomes. The implementation is projected to significantly reduce alarms in Network Operation Centers by an impressive 70%.

Augtera Networks, a prominent figure in AI/ML-powered Network Operations platforms, has joined forces with Orange to announce this pivotal integration. Orange will now incorporate the Augtera Network AI platform into its NOC tools, harnessing AI/ML capabilities in daily network operations. This strategic partnership equips Orange NOC with the ability to:

  1. Reduce Alarm Overload: Augtera’s network topology knowledge-based Auto-correlation promises to slash the daily number of alarms requiring attention by a remarkable 70%.
  2. Prevent Network Failures: Augtera’s Anomaly Detection feature empowers Orange to preemptively identify potential network incidents before they manifest, thereby enhancing overall quality of service.

The integration process is set to commence in April and will be fully deployed across Orange Global Networks by the end of 2024. Orange Global Networks, a Tier One IP network service catering to wholesale and B2B customers worldwide, spans thousands of IP routers across 800 Points of Presence in over 100 countries.

This development follows a comprehensive two-year production trial of Augtera across various Orange networks, including the French Backbone, Orange Global Network, and SD-WAN Network. The trial, encompassing thousands of backbone and PE routers as well as SD-WAN CPEs, evaluated Augtera Network AI’s technical prowess alongside its tangible business impact across multiple use cases.

The 70% reduction in alarms achieved through Augtera translates into a significant operational advantage for Orange. By minimizing distractions caused by false alarms, Orange operations experts can focus their efforts on genuine incidents, thus enhancing proactivity and ensuring improved customer experience.

Augtera’s ability to anticipate network failures by analyzing subtle network signals further underscores its value proposition. Leveraging preventive data plane, control plane, congestion, system, and environmental anomalies, Augtera enables Orange to mitigate potential disruptions proactively.

Augtera’s integration with Orange International Networks in Orange Private Cloud facilitates seamless data capture and model building. Machine learning models, developed using Orange data, leverage unsupervised and online learning techniques. These models encompass anomaly detection on various metrics, logs, and auto-correlation based on auto-discovered network topology.

Jean-Louis Le Roux, Executive Vice President International Networks at Orange, expresses satisfaction with the outcomes of the Augtera trial, emphasizing the alignment of this integration with Orange’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO at Augtera Networks, commends Orange for its visionary approach towards AI/ML adoption in network operations. He highlights the significance of this integration, not only in showcasing Augtera’s advanced AI algorithms but also in demonstrating AI’s potential to drive substantial business transformation for network operators.

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