Swisscom & Ericsson: Transforming Switzerland’s Network Smartly

The enduring strategic alliance between Swisscom and Ericsson, established in 2015, has yielded numerous accolades in mobile network assessments by prominent industry publications. In its ongoing pursuit of mobile network expansion, Swisscom is extending this strategic collaboration with Ericsson for another three years, with a primary objective of evolving its network into an intelligent infrastructure. This transformation will be achieved through the integration of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and heightened innovation, ensuring a seamless and advanced customer experience both presently and in the future.

Gerd Niehage, CTIO of Swisscom, elucidates, “Our partnership with Ericsson spans over a decade, marked by mutual trust and notable achievements. By embarking on this next phase of collaboration, we aspire to elevate Switzerland’s top-tier network to unparalleled levels of intelligence. This endeavor not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reinforces our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Daniel Leimbach, Head of Customer Unit Western Europe at Ericsson, echoes this sentiment, stating, “This partnership exemplifies the fusion of Swisscom’s pursuit of excellence with Ericsson’s global technological prowess. Together, we aim to surpass existing standards and propel Switzerland’s premier network to new heights of intelligence. In recent years, we’ve successfully set benchmarks that have shaped the telecommunications landscape on a global scale, directly from within Switzerland.”

Sustainability stands as a cornerstone of Swisscom’s network ethos, with the objective of establishing one of the world’s most efficient mobile networks. With the network already powered entirely by renewable energy, the strategic partners have unveiled an Energy Sustainability Programme designed to intelligently curtail energy consumption within their mobile communication systems.

Emphasizing collaboration, Ericsson and Swisscom employees operate in integrated teams to foster innovation and advance network projects continuously. This close-knit cooperation not only enhances competitiveness but also prioritizes customer-centric solutions. With the goal of fortifying Switzerland’s economic competitiveness and steering its digital transformation, Swisscom aims to leverage its position as the nation’s premier network provider.

Overall, the extension of the strategic partnership between Swisscom and Ericsson signals a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity, poised to redefine the telecommunications landscape in Switzerland and beyond.

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