Rogers Expanding 5G Across TTC Subway

Rogers Communications has just announced the commencement of the next phase in the expansion of its cellular network within the TTC subway system, aimed at extending 5G services and facilitating 911 access for all subway riders throughout the remaining underground tunnels.

Ron McKenzie, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Rogers, expressed enthusiasm about this advancement, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this next phase, extending the 5G network to serve all TTC subway riders. As Canada’s premier 5G network provider, Rogers takes pride in spearheading and investing in delivering top-tier connectivity to Canada’s largest transit system.”

The expansion initiative has kicked off this week, focusing on the tunnels between Kennedy and Warden stations on Line 2. Collaborating closely with the TTC, Rogers is implementing the expansion in incremental stages to cover the remaining 36 kilometers of unconnected tunnels. To minimize inconvenience to riders, construction is scheduled during overnight and weekend hours.

Upon completion, the upgraded and expanded 5G network will ensure seamless wireless coverage, offering mobile voice and data services across all 75 stations and tunnels within Toronto’s subway system. This underscores Rogers’ dedication to enhancing connectivity for Torontonians.

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow hailed the announcement as a significant step in extending cellular coverage throughout the city’s subway system, emphasizing the positive impact on transit users’ safety and experience. She extended appreciation to Rogers for spearheading the project, alongside the TTC.

Jamaal Myers, TTC Chair, expressed satisfaction with the commencement of the 5G network expansion, particularly highlighting the enhanced 911 calling capability, which is poised to bolster safety for both riders and TTC staff.

Rogers’ commitment to this endeavor dates back to April 2023, when it acquired the TTC subway cellular network from BAI Canada, committing substantial investment to introduce 5G service and 911 access across the entire subway network. The prior 3G and 4G network operated by BAI was limited to station platforms and concourses, covering only 25% of the tunnels and unable to accommodate the traffic from major carriers’ customers.

Building on its previous milestones, including the introduction of 5G in high-traffic areas of the TTC subway and subsequent system-wide activation, Rogers has now commenced the extension of 5G service to the tunnels between Sheppard West and Vaughan stations.

This investment is part of Rogers’ ongoing mission to provide Canadians with cutting-edge networks. Recognized as Canada’s largest and most dependable 5G network, covering over 2,300 communities, Rogers was awarded the best wireless network in Canada for the fifth consecutive year in 2023 by umlaut, a renowned authority in independent network evaluations.

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