Telefónica Tech Boosts AI with Ten Specialized Centers

Telefónica continues to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, empowering organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions and bolster their operational efficiency and resilience. Within its digital business unit, Telefónica has established specialized AI teams across ten global centers. This strategic positioning enables Telefónica to deliver customized services tailored to local needs, solidifying its reputation as a leading technology partner in the digital transformation landscape.

With a workforce exceeding 400 professionals dedicated to researching, developing, and applying AI solutions, Telefónica has significantly expanded its AI expertise. This expansion follows strategic acquisitions aimed at complementing existing capabilities in this field. These professionals are strategically distributed across specialized centers in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Valladolid), the United Kingdom (London), Central Europe (Slovenia and Austria), Brazil (Sao Paulo), and the Hispam region (Santiago de Chile and Mexico City), ensuring comprehensive support and extended service hours for clients.

Telefónica Tech’s AI experts boast over 150 certifications, both internal and third-party, in addition to a robust network of partners that enhance its solution portfolio. Elena Gil Lizasoain, Director of the AI and Data Business Unit at Telefónica Tech, emphasizes the transformative potential of AI when integrated with other technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and cybersecurity. She highlights Telefónica’s role in assisting companies in predicting demand, automating processes, enhancing decision-making, and personalizing customer experiences.

Telefónica Tech’s AI solutions, including traditional and generative approaches, are designed in adherence to ethical principles outlined by Telefónica. These principles ensure fair, transparent, and explainable AI deployment, prioritizing people’s interests and upholding security and privacy standards throughout the process.

Sector-specific solutions are a hallmark of Telefónica Tech’s AI offerings, with tailored products and services catering to diverse industries such as public administration, healthcare, industry, and sports. Notable projects include collaborations with employment departments to optimize labor market functionality, partnerships in healthcare for improving emergency service efficiency, and initiatives in industry to enhance production processes and sustainability. In sports, Telefónica Tech leverages AI and IoT technologies to elevate athlete training, prevent injuries, and devise competitive strategies, exemplified by its collaboration with the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation in enhancing athlete performance through advanced analytics and measurement devices.

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