Rogers to Introduce Comcast & Xfinity in Canada

Rogers Communications has unveiled a groundbreaking 10-year partnership with Comcast, set to revolutionize entertainment and connectivity for Canadians nationwide.

In a strategic move, Rogers will introduce the latest Xfinity products and cutting-edge technology to its customer base, promising an unparalleled entertainment experience. This collaboration will see the integration of Comcast’s innovative Entertainment OS, designed to seamlessly merge live sports, entertainment, news, on-demand content, and streaming apps into a user-friendly interface. With the introduction of award-winning voice remote functionality, customers can bid farewell to endless searching and enjoy more time immersed in their favorite content.

Tony Staffieri, President and CEO of Rogers Communications, expressed excitement about the venture, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing Canadians with top-tier networks and services. He highlighted the growing demand for uninterrupted, high-quality entertainment experiences, a demand Rogers aims to meet through its partnership with Comcast.

Comcast, renowned for its global presence in media and technology, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Under the Xfinity brand, Comcast has amassed a loyal customer base worldwide, offering an array of connectivity and platform products. Through this agreement, Rogers will introduce Comcast’s latest broadband, smart home, and connectivity products to the Canadian market, promising to elevate the standard of entertainment and connectivity for its users.

Dave Watson, Chief Executive Officer of Connectivity and Platforms at Comcast, echoed Staffieri’s sentiments, expressing eagerness to deliver next-generation entertainment and connectivity solutions to millions of Canadian customers. He emphasized the significance of expanding Comcast and Xfinity’s innovative technologies to a broader audience in North America.

The move comes at a time of significant growth in Canada’s streaming landscape, with a surge in both subscription numbers and broadband data usage. Research commissioned by Rogers indicates that Canadians increasingly find managing multiple streaming apps overwhelming and time-consuming. The integration of all streaming apps onto a single platform emerges as a highly appealing feature for consumers.

Key offerings under the partnership include:

  1. World-Class Entertainment: Rogers customers will gain access to Entertainment OS, streamlining content discovery and consumption through an intuitive interface and voice remote functionality.
  2. 10G Internet: Rogers is set to offer its customers the latest gateways developed by Comcast, enabling multi-gigabit speeds, ultra-low lag, and enhanced reliability, ensuring a seamless online experience.
  3. Reliable Internet: Introducing Storm-Ready WiFi, Rogers ensures connectivity during adverse conditions, utilizing cellular backup and rechargeable batteries to keep users online.
  4. Innovative Smart Home Technology: Rogers will expand its home security offerings with new hardware and sensors, providing added peace of mind with on-demand emergency dispatch capabilities.

Commercial details for these offerings will be announced as products and services become available, starting later this year.

In addition to its partnership with Comcast, Rogers continues to spearhead advancements in connectivity nationwide. Collaborations with SpaceX and Lynk Global aim to extend satellite-to-mobile coverage across Canada, ensuring connectivity even in remote areas beyond traditional network limits. Plans include the introduction of satellite-to-mobile phone technology in 2024, initially focusing on SMS texting, mass notifications, and machine-to-machine AI applications, with future expansion to voice and data services.

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