Samsung, Singtel Release Film on Tech’s People Connection

Samsung Electronics Singapore (Samsung) and Singtel have joined forces to unveil a captivating short film titled “AI Do,” showcasing the transformative influence of technology in uniting people. Directed by acclaimed Golden Horse Award nominee He Shuming, the 3.5-minute narrative draws inspiration from Singtel Group’s commitment to empowering every generation and the versatile capabilities of Galaxy AI. This cinematic endeavor is an integral component of both Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra and Singtel’s “Hello Possibilities” brand campaigns.

In “AI Do,” viewers are introduced to Hee Joo and Aidan, a Korean and Singaporean couple on the brink of marriage. As they navigate the complexities of wedding preparation alongside their families, they confront linguistic and cultural disparities. To surmount these challenges, the characters leverage an array of AI functionalities offered by the Galaxy S24 Ultra, bolstered by Singtel’s robust 5G connectivity. To witness the unfolding tale, watch the film here.

Expanding on the film’s narrative, from May 10th to 16th, Singtel and Samsung will be encouraging audiences to submit original concepts for an innovative Peranakan pastry via Instagram. Renowned pastry chef Yeo Min, creator of the delectable treats featured in “AI Do,” will unveil the winning pastry on TikTok on May 17th, from 7pm to 9pm. Additionally, she will conduct a live tutorial on decorating the pastry, echoing the style portrayed in the film, at Singtel’s TikTok Creator House located at 313@Somerset – the world’s premier telco store integrated with a live-streaming studio. This initiative underscores Singtel’s ongoing commitment to bolstering small businesses and emerging content creators, fostering brand development and entrepreneurial growth.

Ms. Anna Yip, Deputy CEO of Singtel Singapore, emphasized the pivotal role of technology in fostering connectivity, unlocking opportunities, and driving innovation. She underscored the film’s portrayal of technology’s capacity to bridge cultural divides, enhance familial bonds, and streamline digital lifestyles, while also championing support for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Director He, the creative force behind the film, expressed the significance of exploring the dynamics of a culturally diverse wedding preparation as a means to illustrate technology’s role in nurturing human connections. He hopes the narrative will resonate with local audiences, serving as a poignant testament to the collaborative efforts of Samsung and Singtel.

Lynn Chong, Director and Head of Brand Marketing at Samsung Electronics Singapore, highlighted the transformative potential of Galaxy AI in fostering communication and connection across diverse backgrounds. The film’s portrayal of Hee Joo and Aidan’s journey exemplifies how technology can dismantle barriers and facilitate meaningful interactions.

The release of “AI Do” will be accompanied by a comprehensive multimedia rollout across various platforms, including digital streaming platforms, cinemas, and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Additionally, visitors to the Singtel Flagship Store at 313@Somerset and the Samsung Experience Store in VivoCity can immerse themselves in a setup reminiscent of the film, experiencing firsthand Galaxy AI’s photo and communication features, including Note Assist, Circle to Search with Google, and Live Translate.

Singtel customers can avail promotional prices for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with any postpaid plan, further enhancing accessibility to cutting-edge technology.

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