SecEdge Introduces SEC-TPM: Enhanced Security for ASPEED AST2600 Server Remote Administration

SecEdge, Inc., a leading digital security provider, has recently unveiled its SEC-TPM turnkey security solution, designed to facilitate secure remote server provisioning and management. This innovative solution now extends its support to ASPEED Technology’s AST2600 Server Management Processor, thereby delivering a comprehensive chip-to-cloud Board Management Controller (BMC) security solution. Aligned with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards, SEC-TPM is a Firmware TPM (fTPM) compliant solution deeply rooted in the secure hardware execution enclosure of AST2600. It enhances supply chain security for server hardware by offering a trust provisioning and attestation service post-assembly.

The integration of SEC-TPM with AST2600 within the SecEdge Security Platform introduces disruptive advantages for cloud computing. It establishes a hardware-based root-of-trust for OpenBMC, ensuring a secure foundation. The solution enables in-field, zero-touch activation of the embedded TPM in AST2600, even in environments with an untrusted supply chain. Additionally, it creates IPSEC communication channels from AST2600 to the cloud, effectively segregating data and management planes. The remote life cycle management of servers is fortified with IP Masking, enhancing overall security measures.

One notable feature of SEC-TPM for AST2600 is its forward-looking approach through crypto-agility, ensuring compatibility with quantum-resistant algorithms. Luke Chen, Sales VP of ASPEED Technology, emphasized the significance of AST2600’s secure trust zone in enabling a silicon-based root of trust. He noted, “SecEdge Digital security platform advances turnkey digital security protection for server management by using TrustZone™ in ASPEED’s BMC SoCs.”

Sami Nassar, President & co-CEO of SecEdge, highlighted the broader market impact, stating, “ASPEED has an uncontested market share in the board management controller application processors. SecEdge secure connectivity platform will be widely available out of the box, making state-of-the-art security for server management widely accessible.”

This SEC-TPM solution enables device manufacturers to comply with industry and regulatory standards, including TCG, NIST, CRA for the IoT, and Microsoft Azure Edge Secured Core Certification. For more detailed information, interested parties can refer to the SEC-TPM documentation.

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