IntelliShift Wins IoT Analytics Company of the Year in 8th IoT Breakthrough Awards

IntelliShift, the connected fleet intelligence platform catering to safety and operations teams, proudly announces its consecutive victory as the “IoT Analytics Company of the Year” in the 8th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program hosted by IoT Breakthrough, a prominent market intelligence organization acknowledging top-performing companies, technologies, and products in the global Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Expressing gratitude for this accolade, Henry Popplewell, CEO of IntelliShift, commented, “We are honored to receive the ‘IoT Analytics Company of the Year’ award for the second year running. This recognition reinforces our commitment to being the preferred partner and platform for fleets striving to enhance their safety and operational efficiency.”

IntelliShift’s comprehensive platform integrates various facets of fleet management technology, including AI dash cams, telematics, digital inspections, vehicle and equipment maintenance, fuel management, and compliance technology, creating a unified ecosystem.

Henry Popplewell added, “Our focus on customer-centricity is pivotal to this achievement. Crafted by our team of fleet experts, our solutions are shaped by feedback and insights, with visible positive impacts on businesses. We are motivated by a shared passion for helping fleets achieve significant improvements in safety and efficiency, and this victory propels our collective mission to continuously innovate and exceed expectations.”

One of the significant challenges faced by fleet operations, especially in large organizations, is achieving total visibility. This typically involves bringing together various departments like fleet, operations, safety, IT, finance, and HR, each functioning within its technological silo. IntelliShift addresses this challenge by offering a breakthrough solution that unifies assets, data, people, and processes within a single platform. This approach empowers companies to gain a comprehensive view of fleet health, safety, efficiency, productivity, and cost savings, with the added advantage of simplified data visualization and integration.

Steve Johansson, Managing Director at IoT Breakthrough, praised IntelliShift’s all-encompassing solution, stating, “IntelliShift delivers an unmatched all-in-one solution for businesses managing fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment. By utilizing AI, the insights provided immediately improve fleet safety and efficiency with the data you already own. Data silos and complex point solutions are challenges for fleet operations and safety leaders. By focusing on consolidation of their tech stack to drive the next level of insights and results, IntelliShift offers an innovative approach that allows for informed, data-driven decisions that help businesses excel.”

The IoT Breakthrough Awards program aims to conduct a thorough analysis of the global IoT industry and recognize breakthrough innovators, leaders, and visionaries across various categories. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from companies worldwide, solidifying IntelliShift’s position as a standout in the IoT landscape.

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