Singtel & Vonage Partner for Global Innovation & Transformation

Singtel has announced a strategic partnership with Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications and a subsidiary of Ericsson, aimed at empowering enterprises and telecommunications companies to innovate and expand their services. Through Singtel’s renowned orchestration platform, Paragon, this collaboration integrates advanced telco and edge APIs with Vonage’s API platform. The result is a comprehensive ecosystem offering rich communications, network, and edge APIs, ensuring optimized, secure, and engaging customer experiences while accelerating digital transformation.

Paragon-enabled telcos across various regions including Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, and Indonesia will now have the capability to federate APIs, creating a globally unified library of telco and edge APIs. This library will be accessible to global independent software vendors (ISVs), enterprises, and developers, facilitating the delivery of digital services across hybrid networks, hybrid edge, and public cloud infrastructures in multiple markets.

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating that it enables enterprises and developers to leverage federated APIs and collaborate with Paragon-enabled telcos to develop and deploy applications seamlessly across borders. This streamlined approach allows telcos and enterprises to concentrate on growth and innovation without the need for constant adaptation, thereby offering significant opportunities for ISVs and partners to expand their service delivery into new markets more efficiently.

Niklas Heuveldop, Vonage CEO and Head of Business Area Global Communications Platform, Ericsson, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its role in fostering an open ecosystem for innovation and network monetization. By combining Vonage’s API platform with Ericsson’s 5G network capabilities and Singtel’s Paragon platform, the partnership aims to empower developers to create new solutions that enhance customer experiences and drive business transformation for enterprises.

Vonage APIs will be integrated into the Paragon platform marketplace, Singtel’s app store for multi-network, multi-cloud enterprise solutions. This integration will enable enterprises to explore new avenues for innovation and rapidly expand their range of digital services. Singtel also plans to make network and edge APIs available to developers through the Paragon and Vonage API platforms, facilitating rapid enterprise application development across various markets.

The collaboration will leverage Singtel Paragon’s capabilities to enable enterprises to connect with the 5G network and deploy their edge computing applications securely and rapidly. Key capabilities such as network slicing, multi-cloud management, connectivity management, edge computing, and advanced network services will be accessible, supporting the efficient deployment of solutions and services across multiple markets.

In summary, Singtel’s partnership with Vonage aims to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and accelerate digital transformation for enterprises and telcos globally. By leveraging Paragon’s advanced capabilities and integrating Vonage’s API platform, the collaboration creates a robust ecosystem that empowers developers to pioneer new solutions and services across diverse markets.

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