TELUS investing $135 million in Calgary

TELUS, a leading telecommunications company, is embarking on a transformative journey in Calgary with a commitment of $135 million this year. This substantial investment aims to elevate infrastructure, operations, and services, reinforcing TELUS’ steadfast dedication to Alberta. Over the years, TELUS has injected more than $60 billion into Alberta since 2000, nurturing robust network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum, thereby fortifying its position as the premier internet service provider in the province.

Navin Arora, Executive Vice President at TELUS, emphasizes, “We exist in a digital era, and this investment perpetuates TELUS’ tradition of contributing significantly to Calgary’s economic vigor and societal well-being.” He underscores TELUS’ mission to effect meaningful change, empowering communities, fostering innovation and sustainability, and shaping a brighter future for Calgarians.

Brad Parry, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development and Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, echoes this sentiment, recognizing Calgarians as natural innovators. He lauds TELUS’ substantial investment in expanding connectivity, fostering a forward-thinking city, and positioning Calgary as an attractive hub for businesses, capital, and talent.

TELUS’ influence transcends mere connectivity; it actively shapes the future by leveraging its cutting-edge networks to drive productivity and facilitate positive advancements in various sectors like healthcare, education, agriculture, environmental conservation, and social equity. With a compassionate ethos and a dedicated workforce, TELUS remains committed to addressing contemporary challenges, aiming to make a tangible difference in Alberta and beyond by 2028.

TELUS’ initiatives in Calgary through 2028 include:

  1. Network Enhancement: TELUS is enhancing its networks to be faster, smarter, and more eco-friendly, deploying ORAN technology to bolster Canada’s 5G network while minimizing energy consumption.
  2. Supporting Canadian Businesses: Through initiatives like #StandWithOwners, TELUS has allocated over $3.5 million since 2020 to support small businesses, providing funding, advertising, and technology to fuel their growth and contribute to economic progress.
  3. Investing in Healthcare: TELUS Health for Good Mobile Clinics have provided healthcare access to marginalized Calgarians, with over 12,000 patient visits since 2019, alleviating pressure on emergency services. TELUS has committed over $13 million nationally to healthcare initiatives.
  4. Sustainable Agriculture: TELUS Agriculture’s $1 million investment in the Olds College Smart Farm promotes sustainable food production, reflecting a commitment to technology-driven farming practices.
  5. Environmental Stewardship: TELUS is dedicated to sustainability, aiming for 100% renewable energy usage by 2025. It has been recognized for its environmental efforts, including reforestation projects and device recycling initiatives.
  6. Indigenous Support: TELUS has contributed over $6.2 million to Indigenous projects, including funding for local content creators and initiatives like the TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund, supporting community wellness and cultural preservation.
  7. Disaster Relief: TELUS actively supports disaster response efforts, providing $5 million in aid during wildfire crises in 2023, including connectivity for first responders and affected individuals.

TELUS’ contributions extend beyond financial investments; the company has also been a stalwart supporter of Canadian communities, having paid approximately $57 billion in taxes since 2000, funding public projects, education, healthcare, and cultural endeavors. Moreover, TELUS and its associates have contributed over $65 million in Calgary alone since 2000, demonstrating a commitment to fostering community welfare and growth. Across Alberta, TELUS’ contributions exceed $265 million in cash, in-kind donations, and volunteer hours, showcasing a deep-rooted dedication to the province’s prosperity.

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