Spectrum Mobile Introduces Anytime Upgrade & Low-Cost Device Protection

Spectrum has introduced two exciting enhancements to its mobile service, aimed at providing customers with greater value, flexibility, and peace of mind. The first feature, Anytime Upgrade, is now included in the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus data plan at no extra cost. This innovative offering allows both new and existing customers to upgrade their phones whenever they desire, completely bypassing the traditional wait times and conditions typically associated with phone upgrades. This means customers can enjoy the latest smartphone technology without delay or hassle.

Danny Bowman, Executive Vice President of Product for Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum, highlighted the significance of this offering: “With the launch of Anytime Upgrade, we are providing Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus customers with straightforward and flexible access to the latest smartphone technology. We understand the frustration of being locked into a device or contract. This offer, along with the new Spectrum Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan, allows our customers to have the newest devices with reliable protection, so they can maximize their wireless network experience and save money.”

Anytime Upgrade sets Spectrum apart as the first mobile provider to integrate such freedom directly into a rate plan. While some carriers offer early upgrades, Anytime Upgrade removes the waiting periods and early upgrade fees, giving Unlimited Plus customers unparalleled choice and flexibility. There’s no need to wait until a specific payment threshold is reached, and customers can upgrade as frequently as they wish. This applies to all Unlimited Plus customers, including those who bring their own devices.

Moreover, Spectrum’s Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan offers device protection at a highly competitive rate compared to other providers. For just $5 per month per device, customers receive coverage for broken screens, loss, and theft. This plan has been enhanced to ensure accessibility for all Spectrum Mobile customers within 30 days of purchase, including those in New York state and customers who bring their own devices.

As the nation’s fastest-growing mobile provider, Spectrum Mobile continues to deliver exceptional value with flexible plans tailored to diverse needs and budgets. Alongside the introduction of industry-leading benefits like Anytime Upgrade and the Repair and Replacement Plan, Spectrum Mobile boasts the fastest wireless speeds by seamlessly combining WiFi and Mobile services. Additionally, Spectrum Unlimited Plus plans include 50GB of premium data, cellular video streaming up to 720p, and free roaming in Canada and Mexico. These offerings underscore Spectrum’s commitment to providing customers with top-tier mobile experiences while offering unparalleled value.

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