Telefónica Introduces Four Fresh Collections to Expand Its NFT Marketplace

Telefónica has introduced four new exclusive collections to its NFT Marketplace, enhancing the selection for users keen on acquiring unique blockchain-based digital assets. Since its inception in 2021, Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace has undergone continuous enhancements, incorporating exclusive collections from various artists and themes, and refining user functionalities.

One notable addition is the ‘Gamium x Telefónica’ collection, comprising 225 digital assets. These unique pieces will be accessible in Gamium’s metaverse, the pioneering social platform enabling users to effortlessly discover and create diverse immersive experiences with their custom avatars. As of today, users can purchase five premium and twenty exclusive assets from the Gamium collection.

Another noteworthy collection is from Paysenger, a frontrunner in AI-powered content creation. Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace allows users to obtain 50 distinctive NFTs of digital art for free. Each NFT in this collection is safeguarded by an exclusive gating token within the Paysenger space, ensuring that only members of the Paysenger community can access the collection, adding intrinsic value to these art pieces.

The NFT Marketplace by Telefónica also features eight exclusive digital assets from ‘The Crypto Hunters TV Show,’ the premier adventure and augmented reality show centered on the Web3 ecosystem. Crafted by a team of Hollywood filmmakers, the show follows contestants on a quest for a cryptocurrency treasure, culminating in a $1 million prize for the winner. Iconic items from the show, along with exclusive event access in the Crypto Hunters environment, will be available on the NFT Marketplace.

Additionally, the ‘Creative Collections by Metacampus’ collection introduces 69 unique and exclusive NFTs by artist Lucas Levitán. Metacampus, a leading platform for Web3 education and exploration, collaborates with Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace to offer four illustrations capturing the essence and evolution of Web3, infusing humor to explore the digital journey.

Yaiza Rubio, Chief Metaverse Officer at Telefónica, stated, “We are committed to expanding and enriching the offerings within Telefónica’s NFT Marketplace, emphasizing exclusive and innovative collections. Our aim is to make it a hub for those interested in the Web3 environment while ensuring that our offerings remain accessible and understandable to individuals less familiar with these technologies.”

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