Telefónica Tech Unveils Cisco’s ‘Webex Calling

Telefónica Tech is expanding its suite of digital workplace solutions to embrace the evolving needs of the future workspace. Their latest offering, ‘Webex Calling’, now available in Spain, Peru, and Chile, introduces a seamless calling service hosted on the Cisco cloud. This service not only promotes flexibility but also ensures uninterrupted business operations.

With a global user base exceeding 14 million, ‘Webex Calling’ delivers a top-tier collaboration experience coupled with inherent security features and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. It empowers hybrid work setups, enabling connectivity and voice communication via any device, backed by the reliable Telefónica network.

This innovative solution from Telefónica Tech enables enterprises to transition from traditional telephone systems to a cloud-based platform. By keeping the infrastructure constantly updated, it optimizes costs while guaranteeing unparalleled availability and service quality.

‘Webex Calling’ offers a comprehensive switchboard system with cloud-based calling features, including shared lines, call groups, and virtual receptionists. Moreover, its AI-driven noise reduction feature ensures crystal-clear communication, even in shared or open work environments.

For enhanced customer service, ‘Webex Calling’ provides tools like the Webex Attendant Console, simplifying the management of incoming calls, queues, and agent statuses.

Furthermore, IT administrators gain control over device provisioning and management through the ‘Webex Control Hub’, offering real-time analytics and troubleshooting capabilities.

Alberto Sempere, Director of Services, Innovation, and Partnerships at Telefónica Tech, emphasizes the significance of the partnership with Cisco in introducing ‘Webex Calling’, facilitating a more connected and inclusive work environment.

Kristyn Hogan, VP of Global Collaboration Partner Sales at Cisco, underscores the importance of mobility in modern collaboration strategies. ‘Webex Calling’ complements Telefónica Tech’s managed services by providing high-quality cloud-based calling integrated with other hybrid work solutions.

With the addition of ‘Webex Calling’, Telefónica Tech completes its suite of Cisco Webex solutions, which includes ‘Webex App’, ‘Webex Meetings’, ‘Webex Messaging’, and Cisco’s workspace transformation equipment.

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