TELUS GenAI: First Privacy by Design Certified Support Tool

TELUS proudly announces a historic achievement with its generative AI (GenAI) customer support tool becoming the world’s first to attain international certification in Privacy by Design (ISO 31700-1). This significant milestone reaffirms TELUS’ unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data protection while continually innovating to provide an exceptional customer experience. This marks TELUS’ second MSECB certification, following its pioneering achievement of ISO 31700-1 Privacy by Design certification for its Data for Good program in October 2023.

The GenAI support tool, available on and powered by Fuel iX, an enterprise-grade AI engine from TELUS International, stands as one of the initial customer-accessible GenAI solutions developed by a Canadian entity. This tool empowers TELUS customers to swiftly access intuitive responses to their inquiries, enhancing their digital experience with convenience and seamlessness. Privacy by Design, a framework integral to embedding privacy into system design and operation, ensures privacy as the default setting. TELUS’ attainment of this certification underscores its ongoing commitment to safeguarding user data and adhering to the highest ethical standards in technology, particularly in AI usage.

Pam Snively, Chief Data & Trust Officer at TELUS, emphasized the company’s belief in a responsible, ethical, and human-centric approach to technology design and data stewardship, asserting that TELUS’ GenAI support tool exemplifies their commitment to prioritizing customers’ needs while ensuring functionality and trustworthiness.

In addressing concerns and constraints associated with generative AI, TELUS has implemented a comprehensive Responsible AI program. This program includes a thorough risk management assessment aligned with the ISED Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Responsible Development and Management of Advanced Generative AI Systems. TELUS employs a collaborative Purple Teaming approach to testing AI tools, combining adversarial testing with innovative defensive techniques to identify weaknesses and enhance accuracy. Additionally, TELUS provides transparent information on the tool’s functionalities and limitations, adhering to a data ethics framework and ensuring ongoing human oversight.

Tobias Dengel, President of WillowTree, a TELUS International Company, and General Manager of Fuel iX, highlighted the ISO Privacy by Design certification as a tangible validation of TELUS’ commitment to user privacy and the Fuel iX software solution.

KPMG, an international auditing and advisory firm, conducted the evaluation of the GenAI tool, confirming its alignment with international privacy criteria and ISO 31700-1 Privacy by Design Standard requirements.

Sylvia Klasovec Kingsmill, Partner, Global Cyber Privacy Services Leader at KPMG, commended TELUS for its human-centric approach and prioritization of customer trust, encouraging the company to sustain its leadership in the rapidly evolving AI landscape through inclusive stakeholder engagement and dialogue.

TELUS’ dedication to responsible and ethical AI usage has earned it recognition, including the Outstanding Organization 2023 prize from the Responsible AI Institute. As the first Canadian telecom company to sign the Government of Canada’s voluntary code of conduct for generative AI, TELUS aims to ensure transparent, equitable, and responsible development and deployment of GenAI technology. Moreover, TELUS recently published its inaugural TELUS AI report, “The Power of Perspectives in Canada,” sharing insights and opinions on AI from diverse Canadian communities, further demonstrating its commitment to transparency and societal benefit.

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