TELUS Pledges $24B for Ontario: Boosting Networks, Sustainability, Innovation

TELUS is embarking on a monumental journey, investing over $24 billion to fortify and expand its network infrastructure and operations throughout Ontario over the next half-decade. This commitment is not just about bolstering connectivity; it’s a testament to TELUS’ dedication to fostering innovation, nurturing growth, and cultivating resilient communities. This initiative is part of a grander scheme, with TELUS poised to deploy a staggering $73 billion across Canada by 2028, aimed at propelling infrastructure development, enhancing sustainability, and advancing network technology nationwide.

The significance of these investments cannot be overstated. They are the lifeblood that fuels connections, providing Ontarians with access to vital resources, information, and each other. TELUS has been unwavering in its mission to push the boundaries of technology and connectivity across the nation. Since the turn of the millennium, TELUS has injected over $68 billion into Ontario alone, erecting a robust framework of network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum. This infrastructure has not only connected families and businesses but has also positioned TELUS as the nation’s premier internet service provider, renowned for its world-leading 5G and TELUS PureFibre networks.

Darren Entwistle, President and CEO of TELUS, emphasized the pivotal role of a reliable network in keeping Ontarians linked to what matters most in their lives. With a focus on investing over $24 billion in network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum in Ontario alone over the next five years, TELUS is committed to ensuring its customers continue to benefit from a peerless network experience. This commitment is not just about technological superiority; it’s about catalyzing transformative changes in healthcare, education, telecommuting, environmental stewardship, and the digital economy, thereby bridging digital and socioeconomic divides to empower every member of society.

TELUS isn’t merely a telecommunications giant; it’s a visionary shaping the future. Leveraging its world-leading networks, TELUS is driving productivity and fostering positive innovations across various sectors, including health, education, agriculture, climate change, energy, transportation, and social equity. This commitment to progress is underpinned by a deep sense of compassion and bolstered by a dedicated team, propelling TELUS forward in its mission to address the most pressing challenges of our time.

Looking ahead to 2028, TELUS is poised to enact transformative initiatives across Ontario, including:

  • Enhancing its world-leading networks to make them faster, smarter, and greener, leveraging ORAN technology to create more reliable, adaptable, and energy-efficient connections.
  • Utilizing AI and advanced analytics to optimize coverage and network performance, with plans to expand coverage by constructing new cell towers across Ontario.
  • Celebrating a decade of service through TELUS Health for Good Mobile Clinics, which have provided healthcare to over 215,000 individuals, including over 82,000 patient visits in Ontario alone, while also supporting remote care management solutions to improve patient outcomes.
  • Championing youth through sports partnerships with organizations like Canada Soccer and the Canadian Premier League, fostering growth, inclusion, and community engagement.
  • Pursuing sustainability goals, including a commitment to 100% renewable electricity usage by 2025 and initiatives to reduce electronic waste and bridge the digital divide.
  • Revolutionizing entertainment experiences with offerings like Stream+ and Happy Stack, providing seamless access to content for TELUS and Koodo customers nationwide.

TELUS remains steadfast in its commitment to giving back to the community, with Canadian Community Boards surpassing $100 million in charitable giving since 2005, supporting youth-focused initiatives across various regions. Additionally, TELUS is doubling down on its commitment to reconciliation, increasing its support for Indigenous communities through the TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund and earning recognition for its leadership in advancing the Indigenous economy.

Beyond financial investments, TELUS embraces tax morality, contributing approximately $57 billion in taxes and spectrum remittances since 2000, supporting public works projects, education, healthcare, and cultural endeavors that enrich the communities it serves.

Since its inception, TELUS, alongside its team members and retirees, has been deeply committed to community welfare, contributing over $148 million in cash, in-kind contributions, and volunteer hours to charities and community organizations in Ontario alone. This legacy of giving underscores TELUS’ ethos of corporate responsibility and its dedication to creating a brighter future for all.

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