Spectrum Offers Up to $2,500 for Switching to Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile, the nation’s fastest-growing mobile provider, is simplifying the process for customers to switch and save with its new phone balance buyout program. Starting today, customers who switch to Spectrum Mobile from another provider, purchase at least three lines, and port at least one line, will have their existing phone balance on ported lines paid off up to $2,500 (with a maximum of five ported lines). This switch could result in substantial annual savings on mobile bills.

Sharon Peters, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Charter Communications, which operates Spectrum’s connectivity and entertainment services, stated, “Our new phone buyout program is designed to help customers switch from the high costs associated with other mobile providers and take advantage of Spectrum Mobile’s superior value. This offer exemplifies our commitment to providing exceptional value and convenience in the mobile market, and we look forward to welcoming new customers with Spectrum Mobile’s top-notch service, speeds, and performance.”

Spectrum Mobile Customers Enjoy Simple Plans, Faster Speeds, Flexibility, and Savings

Spectrum Mobile leverages the company’s broadband internet, WiFi, and nationwide 5G access to provide customers with fast wireless speeds, secure and reliable connectivity, and significant savings. Customers can potentially save hundreds annually by bundling Spectrum Internet, Mobile, and Advanced WiFi with Spectrum’s industry-leading Spectrum One connectivity package. Spectrum’s online savings calculator helps customers estimate their monthly savings when switching from their current provider.

For Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) customers, Spectrum offers a free Unlimited Mobile line for one year, saving $360, which helps offset the $30 per month ACP credit loss and offers potential continued savings after the promotional period. Additional benefits of switching to Spectrum Mobile include:

  • Unlimited data plans: $29.99/month per line, including nationwide 5G access, unlimited talk and texting, and flexibility to change rate plans for free.
  • Interest-free installment plans: Extensive bring-your-own-device program and the ability to upgrade to the latest smartphone technology with Anytime Upgrade.
  • Device protection: Spectrum’s $5 per month Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan on any service plan.
  • Speed Boost: Enables faster speeds up to 1 Gig on compatible devices when connected to Spectrum’s Advanced WiFi.
  • Global Day Pass: Avoid high international roaming charges with $5 per day in Canada and Mexico, and $10 per day in over 200 eligible countries.
  • As always, Spectrum Mobile offers no contracts, added taxes, or hidden fees. Spectrum Mobile’s flexible packaging, competitive pricing, and excellent service have earned it the top spot in customer service among Mobile Network Virtual Operators by J.D. Power.

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