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With an estimated value of1.9 billion euros in 2023, growing to6.6 billion by 2027, the Artificial Intelligence request is developing explosively in Italy too, supported substantially by investments in the finance, telecommunications and IT, manufacturing and retail sectors, and with farther growth eventuality in the healthcare, government and husbandry sectors. These are some of the findings of the ‘ Artificial Intelligence in Italy- Market, Innovation, Developments ’ report drawn up by Centro Studi TIM in collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and presented moment in Rome during the event held to award the stylish innovative results that won the’ TIM AI Challenge’.

In his opening reflections, Elio Schiavo, TIM’s Chief Enterprise and Innovative results Officer, said “ enterprise like this challenge are intended to start a righteous cycle to grease hassles between different companies and generations and make the utmost of the new gests and ideas of people entering an decreasingly fast request in which Artificial Intelligence is a veritably strong accelerator of the digital metamorphosis of companies and public administration. In this environment, a company like TIM, whose capability to bring invention to the country in a responsible manner is ingrained in its history and DNA, has set itself the ideal of rooting the stylish from a disruptive technology similar as AI, while paying the utmost attention to the issues of sequestration, security and social impact in what we do. With TIM Enterprise we make coffers and chops available with the end of growing the entire invention chain ”.

The study presented by Laura Li Puma, Head of Artificial Intelligence Lab Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, shows that the AI request will grow by 37 per time to roughly6.6 billion euros in Italy and over 407 billion euros encyclopedically by 2027.

Companies that use AI the utmost are large bones
around one large company in four had actuated at least one AI result by 2021, while the average drops to around 6 among companies with further than 10 workers, according to the Eurostat data. More recent estimates attest to a growth in the use of AI, with 60- 70 of large companies formerly using or experimenting with this technology.

The study also highlights how the use of AI could speed up profitable development, adding productivity and freeing up coffers to be applied in areas where lesser value is generated. In fact, according to estimates by Centro Studi TIM, from 2022 to 2026 Artificial Intelligence will offer a accretive donation to Italy’s GDP of over to 195 billion euros, corresponding to an average periodic quantum of nearly 40 billion euros, which equates to roughly 2 of GDP.

likewise, the artificial scale operation of artificial intelligence- particularly in the energy, husbandry, transport and water sectors- will contribute to reducing overall CO2 original emigrations in Italy by roughly 116 million tonnes between 2020 and 2030, with an average periodic reduction of roughly2.6 of total emigrations, reaching up to 5 lower by 2030.

The spread of Artificial Intelligence is also leading to an ever- adding use of Cloud Computing services. Considering that between 7 and 10 of Cloud spending now stems from the use of machine literacy, Centro Studi TIM has calculated that in 2027 the dispersion of this technology alone will induce fresh spending in Public Cloud services in Italy of over 870 million euros a time.

The meeting was also attended by Giulia Sapino, Marketing Lead of Prestofresco, a supermarket chain with around 100 stores located in Northern Italy, which uses TIM’s artificial intelligence to pierce company information in real time and make data- grounded opinions, with positive impacts on business effectiveness and performance. Giordana Castelli, Urban Intelligence Project fellow of the CNR( Italian National Research Council) also took part in the event.

The ‘ TIM AI Challenge ’ was created with the end of farther perfecting the portfolio of AI results that TIM Enterprise makes available to companies and public administration. The gibing action is part of the Open Innovation programme, and specifically the TIM Growth Platform, the new invention model that focuses on artificial collaboration with high-implicit companies in order to speed up their growth. The challenge, which was launched together with some of the main players in this field, involved over 160 startups, scaleups and innovative companies called to present AI- grounded results to accelerate digital metamorphosis. Around 80 of the proffers estimated are Italian, with strong interest also from foreign companies( Spanish, French, American and British primarily).

In particular, TIM awarded two companies Digitiamo for the’ Purchase Adjunct ’ result, a digital adjunct for personalised purchasing that combines recommendation systems and generative AI to support the end consumer ahead, during and after the trade; and UK- grounded causaLens for the – decisionOS – platform, which enables businesses to use their data to make better business opinions by using Unproductive AI, the coming frontier of AI invention. The winners will be offered a technological and marketable cooperation with TIM Enterprise.
fresh prizes awarded were

· EIT Digital award to MYWAI for its AIoT result combining Edge & Generative AI to make ministry smart and optimise prophetic conservation, quality control and productivity;

· Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center award to WordLift for the AI- grounded SEO( Hunt Machine Optimization) platform that makes it possible to ameliorate the position of websites among hunt machine results;

· Startup Allowing overlook of Politecnico di Milano award to Athics for the focus on social sustainability of the conversational artificial intelligence result that allows virtual sidekicks to be created that acclimatize communication to the stoner’s psychometric profile;

· ImpreSapiens- Sapienza University of Rome award to TrafficLab for WeTraffic, a platform for the real- time operation, soothsaying and monitoring of business and parking.

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