ZainTECH Targets Regional Expansion with induction of Cutting- Edge ICT mecca in Dubai Internet City

ZainTECH, the integrated digital results provider of Zain Group, has blazoned the completion of a substantial investment action marking the establishment of its state- of- the- art Information and Communication Technology( ICT) mecca and the expansion of its operations at Dubai Internet City, the region’s commanding community for technology and digital metamorphosis that’s part of TECOM Group PJSC.

The strategic move further positions ZainTECH at the van of digital metamorphosis in the region and will help the company serve its growing client base. Gauging over 13,000sq.ft., the ICT mecca won’t only serve as an functional centre of excellence, but also drive technological enterprise and solidarity across business units.

Hosting over 300 workers, the UAE Centre of Excellence will foster nonstop literacy and dynamic collaboration across Zain’s indigenous footmark. Its launch event was attended by largely recognized guests, including Bader Al- KharafiVice-Chairman and Group CEO of Zain; Abdulla Belhoul CEO of TECOM Group; Andrew Hanna CEO of Zain TECH; Ammar Al Malik, Executive Vice President of Commercial at TECOM Group; and the company’s leadership platoon in Dubai.

“Cross-functional collaboration is the foundation for unleashing the full eventuality of invention at a scale that transforms the way diligence operate, ” said Ammar Al Malik, Executive Vice President of Commercial at TECOM Group, on behalf of Dubai Internet City.

“ Dubai Internet City is aligned with the Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D 33 ’ accreditation to catalyse similar cooperative solidarity, and ZainTECH’s new office within our ecosystem ensures its gift pool across the world can seamlessly change ideas and knowledge from Dubai, a global request of significance for originators and digital metamorphosis experts. We drink ZainTECH to profit from the participated knowledge pool and inventions nurtured at our quarter. ”

Andrew Hanna, CEO of ZainTECH, said “ Our new services serve as a testament to our unvarying commitment to nurturing invention and introducing transformative results that unleash bottomless eventuality for our guests. As the charge critical centre for ZainTECH’s operations, the new ICT mecca will drive technological enterprise and solidarity across the business, empowering us to expand and target new requests. ”

Hanna added ” “ Dubai Internet City and TECOM Group act as vibrant gateways to invention and digital metamorphosis, creating the ideal ecosystem for us to thrive and laboriously contribute to the ever- evolving geography of technology. ”

ZainTECH’s slice- edge office is equipped with a Network Operation Centre( NOC) that strategically supports its extensive pall footmark across the GCC, serving as a gateway to its managed services. This flawless setup extends ultraexpensive support to over 500 guests, icing they’ve access to high situations of backing. likewise, the installation boasts a recently established Security Operating Centre( SOC) – the fourth in ZainTECH’s growing indigenous footmark – devoted to efficiently detecting and responding to cyber pitfalls.

ZainTECH’s Experience Centre offers a client-focused terrain, showcasing several live demonstrations and the company’s moxie in internet- of- effects( IoT), drones, robotics, and data results. Emphasising sustainability, a core focus for Zain Group, the ICT mecca incorporates energy-effective technologies and advanced waste- reduction mechanisms.

Dubai Internet City is among the region’s largest tech capitals and has led Dubai’s digital metamorphosis strategy for over two decades, casing further than 3,000 guests, including Fortune 500s and SMEs similar as Google, 3M, Microsoft, and Careem, in addition to over 29,000 professionals and entrepreneurs.

Dubai Internet City is part of TECOM Group’s portfolio of business sections that includes Dubai Design District( d3), Dubai Science Park, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai International Academic City, and Dubai Industrial City.
The charge-critical centre for ZainTECH’s operations will drive technological enterprise and solidarity across the business.

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