True Corp Speeds Up Mobile Emergency Alert System in Thailand.

True Corporation has announced the successful testing of its “Cell Broadcast” emergency warning system, conducted in the lab on January 15. In collaboration with The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, NBTC Office, and the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, the company aims to establish a comprehensive emergency information system with 5 levels across all regions of Thailand. The system targets specific disaster areas, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods, with the primary goal of safeguarding both Thai residents and foreign tourists from potential threats to life and property.

Mr. Chakkrit Urairat, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of True Corporation Public Company Limited, shared that the lab test for the emergency warning system, Cell Broadcast, was successful on January 15. The technology is designed to enhance safety and mitigate risks during emergencies for True and dtac mobile phone users nationwide. True Corporation reaffirms its dedication to public safety through innovative telecommunications solutions. Negotiations with the government sector for the actual implementation of this system, a first in Thailand, are currently underway. The corporation is expediting development and collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, NBTC Office, and the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation to enable swift activation.

The Cell Broadcast emergency warning system notifies users through messages displayed on their mobile phone screens, originating from mobile towers in every region of Thailand. This system can immediately specify the affected area and the nature of the emergency, delivering warnings to True and dtac customers. Unlike traditional SMS systems, this broadcast can notify users even if their devices are turned off. Warnings are conveyed through both audio signals and pop-up messages on the screen, ensuring that all mobile phone users are promptly informed about emergency situations, without the need for downloading any applications.

True Corporation’s Cell Broadcast emergency warning system offers five warning levels in collaboration with the government sector:

  1. National Alert: The highest level, ensuring that everyone within the signal tower coverage area is immediately informed of the incident.
  2. Emergency Alert: Notification of various disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, flash floods, or potential dangers from criminals.
  3. Missing Child Alert (Amber Alert): Information alerts for missing or kidnapped children, enabling public awareness and assistance in locating the child.
  4. Public Safety: A notification system for public safety within specific areas, alerting residents, communities, and travelers passing through the region.
  5. Test Alert: A system for testing alerts for various special purposes, ensuring functionality before expanding the system to monitor and warn at different levels in the future.

The Cell Broadcast emergency warning system by True Corporation caters to citizens with cell phones, offering convenience without the need for downloading any applications. Users can receive immediate information through warnings, including alarm sounds and incident reporting messages. The system has been tested to support five languages: Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, all through a single notification.

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