UEIRe-Imagines Smart Home Control Through an Expanded Portfolio of Connected Products and Technology results at CES

  • Universal ElectronicsInc.( NASDAQ UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal control technology for smart home and entertainment bias will be presenting its broadest line-up of new products and technologies to help simplify and enhance the stoner experience on any connected device in the home. UEI’s product and technology demonstrations enable Discovery, Control and Interaction across distant connected biases in the home to produce smarter living for a growing list of smart home appliance guests. The complete set of innovative products and results can be seen at cell# 52023, near the Smart Home Pavilion entrance at the Venetian Expo at the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada starting on January 9th. Among the highlights of this time’s show are
  1. Significantly expanded UEI Tide ™ Family of Climate Control Products The innovative UEI Tide Family of climate control results now includes a broad portfolio of tactile and touch-operated smart thermostats; a wireless ground allowing smart thermostats to be fully movable and placed anywhere the stoner is; a erected- in smart home mecca to enable an each- by- one smart home control service; rounded with UEI’s complete line- up of detectors as well as a growing list of 3rd party bias including air quality, lighting and shade control. Enabling complete home robotization in the home across all bias. UEI’ll also be previewing new products that fully revise the climate control experience including the expansion of the UEI Tide Bridge family with indeed further connectivity and intelligence erected- in to increase both relinquishment and ongoing engagement as a crucial element in the fabric of the smart home. Integrated Air Quality detectors that can take immediate corrective action; erected- in support for Matter and universal infrared to bring smart control to beingmini-split systems and a growing list of air quality cleansers in the home.
  2. Launch of an extended line of Nevo Butler capitals & Detectors for Smart Home Applications Powered by UEI’s QuickSet ® Cloud, these smart capitals can be used to deliver turnkey smart home services using UEI’s broad line of Zigbee ® bumps including thermostats, detectors and lighting switches. These capitals can be fluently integrated with any OEM device for a smart, pall-connected stoner experience; or used as a stage-alone Matter-enabled ground to bring heritage bias into the matter fabric. Nevo ® Butler capitals feature Zigbee ®3.0 systems, a pukka Matter regulator,multi-admin or ground mode, pall- connectivity and line operation via QuickSet Cloud; as well as on- boarding and troubleshooting support via UEI’s Virtual Agent,Nevo.ai.
  3. Array of Software results for Smart Home and Entertainment Interoperability UEI’s rearmost QuickSet software also offers lesser system personalization to drive increased stoner engagement on entertainment platforms similar as Smart TVs and mongrel set- top boxes. The videotape experience can be substantiated, including customized recommendations to drive better profit openings through increased relinquishment of SVOD, as well as fast- growing AVOD and FAST. Through a major expansion of discovery capabilities and interoperability, QuickSet now blends a broader compass of media type control in the home and brings it to the big screen experience, adding stoner engagement beyond traditional videotape. UEI’ll also be demonstrating its important Smart Home Dashboard powered by QuickSet – enforced in commercially available LG Smart TVs with ThinQ AI since 2021. The growing smart home services in QuickSet help promote stoner engagement on the big screen by giving druggies control over a wide variety of IoT bias using their remote control, driving lesser on- screen stoner engagement. By combiningnevo.ai with QuickSet- powered bias, unique AI- powered stoner gests are enabled covering tone- help, product discovery, and remote support. To further deliver a complete result, UEI’s popular software result, SupportView ® enables remote system or device control of set- top boxes, Smart TVs and other smart bias, allowing for advanced remote service and diagnostics reducing the cost of specialized support services while perfecting client experience and satisfaction.
  4. Sustainable results for a Greener Planet Moving towards our thing of barring single- use batteries from the home, our award- winning UEI Eterna and UEI Externa XL remote controls featuring UEI’s leading energy harvesting technology that powers movable bias using ambient light, to insure a further energy- effectiveness platform that canre-charge itself barring the need for battery relief. Groundbreaking Energy Savings – UEI specialized staff will be on hand to demonstrate the energy harvesting capabilities of our technology, pressing the clear advantage of our ground- breaking technologies in harvesting energy from ambient light and using it to power the low- energy silicon platforms designed into our remote controls.
  5. Growing One For All ® Audio Video Accessories Category One For All, the consumer brand of Universal Electronics, a world leader in Audio and Video Accessories will display its rearmost retail product inventions for consumers. UEI’s specialist brand in direct- to- consumer audio videotape accessories will showcase its broad portfolio of entertainment remote controls, digital and fabric antennas, smart tabletop television stands, and now includes a line of ergonomic examiner arms for a growing home- grounded pool. A new smart control remote will be unveiled, along with a coming- generation design television antenna and desktop mounts. These products punctuate One For All’s moxie in universal audio videotape results with over 37 Times of brand structure and product invention, making One For All the longest- standing specialist television accessory brand encyclopedically with operations in 32 countries around the world, supporting 21 different languages.
  6. backing of Park & Associates CONNECTIONS SUMMIT AT CES 2024 On Tuesday, January 9 at 1100 AM PT, in the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, UEI’s SVP Product and Technology, Arsham Hatambeiki, will be a panelist on Energy Management Sustainability and effectiveness, at the Connections Summit hosted by Parks Associates, and will be available for technology demonstrations and media briefings during the networking event at Treasure Island Hotel, starting at 530( Table 7). For further information visit CONNECTIONS Summit Agenda(parksassociates.com)

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