Ingram Micro Empowers Channel mates to introduce, Grow, and produce further Value with AWS

Ingram Micro is enabling thousands of channel mates worldwide to do further with further as a Premier Amazon Web Services( AWS) Consulting Partner and an award-winning Geo and Global AWS Distributor Partner of the Year philanthropist.
Demonstrating its deep and wide specialized knowledge and professional services moxie, Ingram Micro has been recognized by AWS with two high-profile wins – 2023 Global Distributor Partner of the Time and North America Distributor Partner of the Time. Both awards fete Ingram Micro for playing a crucial part in helping channel mates worldwide accelerate success and move businesses to AWS through all phases of complex migration systems, including discovery, planning, migration, and operations. The North America honor is a back-to-back palm for platoon Ingram Micro.

blazoned during AWS resuscitate 2023, the Geo and Global AWS Distributor Partner of the Time Awards shine the limelight on Ingram Micro’s high-performing platoon and continued investments in advanced AWS specialized gift, professional services and pall migration capabilities.

“ Through a strategic alliance with AWS, Ingram Micro has played a vital part in empowering Cornerstone Technologies to take the lead in healthcare EHR data results, ” says Andy Belval, Chief Revenue Officer, cornerstone Technologies. “ Ingram Micro’s moxie in pall results, coupled with a devoted relational mate approach, not only enhances their own business value but also significantly contributes to Cornerstone Technologies ’ capability to deliver better issues and cost savings for our healthcare guests. ”

In 2023, Ingram Micro’s AWS business continued to grow with further and further mates using Ingram Micro to progress through their AWS Partner Network( APN) trip. Ingram Micro navigates AWS mates through APN programs while also expanding their services capabilities including assessment, design, deployment, and operation of pall migrations with lesser speed.

fresh differentiators to Ingram Micro’s success with AWS channel mates include its wide and deep administrative connections, as well as its Center of Excellence, strategic accessions of specialized gifts, and expansion of its Professional Services portfolio as it relates to pall and migration services.

“ Ingram Micro’s early relinquishment of Cloud, understanding of an entrepreneur’s requirements and concentrate on the success for us to come one of their largest AWS resellers is what we were looking for in a distribution mate to grow our business and ameliorate our value in the eyes of our guests, ” says Dao Jensen, CEO of Oak Rocket.

Ingram Micro provides channel mates access to educated gift and professional services that can help them accelerate the client pall relinquishment trip including the specialized labor force, tools, education, technology, and specialized support demanded to conceit
, emplace, and manage AWS results.

“ AWS is a gold mine of occasion for an MSP yet remains a heavy lift for utmost, ” says Duncan Robinson, vice chairman, growth hookups, Ingram Micro. “ We ’re then to help our channel mates optimize their deals cycle and effectively design, emplace, and manage AWS results that ameliorate the client’s experience, performance, trustability, and dexterity while reducing the total cost of power. ”

Ingram Micro’s long-standing and successful relationship with AWS includes earning several AWS faculty and AWS Service Delivery designations in recent times, including being the first global distributor to earn the AWS Migration Competency and more lately being awarded the AWS Data & Analytics Competency. Other designations include the AWS Cloud Management Tools( CMT) faculty, the AWS DevOps Consulting Competency, and the AWS Config Service Delivery designation.

“ The experience that Mxmart has had working with Ingram Micro as a strategic mate of AWS has been abecedarian for our growth, ” says Dario Gomez, CEO of Mxmart results. “ The support we’ve entered technically, commercially, and via programs has added inestimable strength to our company. ”

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