Viasat to Fuel Inflight Connectivity for Icelandair’s New Airbus

Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a prominent player in satellite communications on a global scale, has recently disclosed its collaboration with Icelandair, where the airline has chosen Viasat’s cutting-edge inflight Wi-Fi solution for its upcoming fleet of Airbus aircraft. The anticipated fleet is set to operate routes connecting Iceland to various European destinations, as well as transatlantic flights, with deliveries expected to commence in the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2024. This milestone marks the introduction of the first Airbus aircraft into Icelandair’s operational fleet.

To enhance the overall passenger experience, Viasat’s satellite connectivity service will be specifically configured to deliver a superior online experience on all routes, encompassing streaming entertainment and real-time productivity tools. This advanced connectivity solution ensures that passengers and crew remain seamlessly connected throughout the entire duration of the flight.

By extending fast in-flight connectivity across popular flight corridors and bustling airport hubs, Icelandair stands to benefit from Viasat’s dedicated focus on serving the aviation market. Viasat achieves this through a combination of high throughput satellite capacity and the flexibility to adjust that capacity, ensuring optimal performance during peak demand periods. This strategic collaboration between Viasat and Icelandair aims to provide a consistently high-quality, high-speed, and content-rich in-flight Wi-Fi experience, even during times of heightened demand.

Don Buchman, VP and GM of Commercial Aviation at Viasat, expressed enthusiasm about the enduring partnership with Icelandair, citing previous successful service to the airline’s Boeing 737 MAX fleet. He emphasized Viasat’s understanding of Icelandair’s operational patterns and passenger demands for in-flight Wi-Fi, expressing excitement about extending this experience to encompass fast and resilient connectivity on the new Airbus aircraft.

Helga Huld Bjarnadóttir, Director of Product and Service Management at Icelandair, highlighted the airline’s commitment to doubling down on state-of-the-art connectivity by expanding high-speed streaming Wi-Fi services to the new aircraft. She praised Viasat as an innovative and trusted partner, emphasizing their role in shaping the future of Wi-Fi at Icelandair and expressing anticipation for the continued success of their collaboration.

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