DISH Media Broadens Addressable TV Ads with Exclusive Philo Collaboration

DISH Media, pioneers in impression-based TV advertising, have revealed a groundbreaking alliance with Philo, the television streaming service, marking a pivotal moment in the advertising realm. Through this strategic collaboration, DISH Media is broadening its addressable reach, granting advertisers entry to Philo’s inventory. Notably, this marks the first instance where advertisers can extend their reach beyond DISH TV and SLING TV inventory through DISH Media acquisitions, tapping into fresh, incremental audiences.

As the landscape of TV buying leans increasingly towards impression-based metrics, DISH Media stands at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge technologies, streamlined processes, and pioneering solutions in the targeted addressable space. This move enhances the industry’s accessibility, scalability, and flexibility. In addition to gaining access to a larger addressable audience, advertisers will receive detailed reporting to substantiate their return on investment, supported by third-party measurement and attribution partners.

David Antonelli, Vice President of Media Sales at DISH Media, expressed pride in being Philo’s chosen partner. He emphasized the strength of their relationships, leadership in innovation, and the potency of their monetization engine. Antonelli noted that their commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships in an increasingly fragmented landscape has enabled them to expand their addressable footprint by over 1 million households, granting advertisers the unique opportunity to engage with Philo’s diverse and engaged audience.

Philo’s programming package, focused on entertainment and lifestyle, boasts over 70 premium channels. Advertisers can now tap into a varied spectrum of programming, spanning reality shows, sitcoms, lifestyle programs, classics, and kid-friendly content. Furthermore, the overlap between Philo’s audience and DISH Media’s audience is minimal, ensuring advertisers can effectively target a distinct set of viewers.

Philo’s audience profile is compelling, with 51% falling within the crucial 18-44 age range, highlighting a significant opportunity for DISH Media advertisers to target this influential demographic. Additionally, the gender balance is noteworthy, with 54% identifying as female and 46% as male.

Reed Barker, Head of Advertising at Philo, acknowledged advertisers’ recognition of the value of addressable advertising and their desire for a simplified experience in reaching their audience. The partnership with DISH Media enables Philo to connect with advertisers through channels they already value and invest in.

Starting today, advertisers can elevate their acquisitions with DISH Media by seamlessly incorporating Philo’s exclusive inventory, providing an unparalleled opportunity to connect with an untapped addressable audience.

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