Videosoft Global and Viasat to provide real-time industrial monitoring with AI-powered video streaming

Videosoft Global and Viasat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a renowned global leader in satellite communications, have recently inked an agreement for the integration of Videosoft’s advanced video streaming technology into INTELIE, Viasat’s operational AI platform.

This collaboration marks a significant step, enabling Viasat to leverage Videosoft’s live-streaming capabilities via INTELIE to enhance situational awareness for businesses. The integration aims to empower organizations to respond to events in real-time and make well-informed decisions by harnessing the capabilities of Videosoft’s cutting-edge video streaming technology.

Videosoft Global specializes in live video streaming solutions that utilize adaptive video compression and transmission technology. This ensures the delivery of high-quality, low-latency streaming over satellite communications. The technology can achieve stable streaming with as little as 4kbps over satcom, cellular, and mesh networks, effectively navigating challenging network conditions and reducing data costs.

Viasat’s INTELIE serves as an advanced operational AI platform tailored for industrial applications, such as energy and mining. The platform offers a real-time perspective on field operations, providing operational intelligence and real-time predictive analytics. This functionality enables companies to take proactive measures where needed, mitigating the risks of downtime and financial losses.

The integration of Videosoft’s video streaming capability into INTELIE paves the way for a next-generation AI-driven real-time monitoring and analytics solution. This solution is poised to deliver mission-critical communications from remote locations worldwide, contributing to heightened operational efficiency.

This strategic partnership highlights the unique value of Videosoft’s technology as a crucial enabler in advancing monitoring solutions for industrial operational efficiency. With Videosoft’s established reputation in serving the oil and gas sector as a leading live video streaming solution provider, the collaboration with Viasat extends the reach of Videosoft’s solutions to diverse sectors, including maritime, aviation, uncrewed vessels, military, defense, and homeland security applications.

Stewart McCone, Chief Executive Officer at Videosoft, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The integration of our live video technology into INTELIE adds an essential layer of situational awareness that will give customers greater control over their operations.”

Simon Hawkins, Vice President, Enterprise Commercial & Innovation at Viasat, echoed the excitement, saying, “This partnership is a clear example of how Viasat ELEVATE can bring innovation and new business development opportunities to our partner network. By combining Videosoft’s live video technology and our expertise in satellite communications, we believe that we can help businesses operate more efficiently – both in terms of cost and operational control.”

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