ZTE launches next-generation 4K high-performance AI-SR STB

ZTE Corporation, a renowned global provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions, unveiled its latest innovation, the B866V6N, during the BroadcastAsia 2024 event held in Singapore. This next-generation 4K high-performance Set Top Box (STB) is equipped with AI Super Resolution (AI-SR) technology, marking a significant advancement in image processing capabilities.

The B866V6N promises users an unparalleled entertainment experience, offering seamless UHD video streaming, smoother gaming, and access to a wide range of intelligent applications. Its enhanced processing speed and environmental efficiency not only elevate user experience but also empower operators to swiftly develop services and foster user loyalty.

Powered by the S905X5M System on a Chip (SoC) and Cortex-A55 quad-core architecture, the B866V6N delivers a processing capability of up to 30,000 Dhrystone Million Instructions Per Second (DMIPS). Compared to its predecessors, it boasts a 29% increase in processing speed while consuming 50% less power. This translates to a faster and more energy-efficient performance, ensuring an optimal user experience.

The product’s features cater to various user scenarios:

  1. Cinematic Visual Experience: Equipped with AI Picture Quality (AI-PQ), AI-SR, and HDMI 2.1a technologies, the B866V6N elevates video resolution to 4K UHD, offering users clearer and more detailed images akin to a cinematic feast.
  2. Immersive Gaming: Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the product’s ability to enhance image clarity and detail, along with improving refresh rates during gameplay, resulting in a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.
  3. Smart Home Control Center: Supporting the Matter over Thread protocol, the STB acts as a central hub for smart home management, allowing users to control various IoT devices seamlessly. By ensuring interoperability among different ecosystems, it provides users with a convenient and comfortable living and entertainment experience.

As a leader in home media terminals, ZTE is dedicated to developing high-quality products. In the future, ZTE plans to deepen its collaboration with global operators to introduce premium home terminals, contributing to the advancement of smart homes worldwide.

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