ZTE IDC Service Premieres at Indo Cloud & Data Center Convention

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a globally renowned provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions, is pleased to announce its active participation in the 2024 Indonesia Cloud and Data Center Convention, hosted in Jakarta. Under the theme “Powering Indonesia’s Digital Future,” the convention perfectly mirrors ZTE’s commitment to constructing environmentally friendly, dependable, swift, and intelligent data centers, catering to the evolving needs of its clientele.

During the exhibition, ZTE showcased its extensive 15-year expertise in the data center domain, captivating numerous attendees eager to delve into its comprehensive, end-to-end collaborative delivery capabilities.

ZTE’s unwavering dedication to building environmentally sustainable, reliable, high-speed, and intelligent data centers is exemplified by its successful large-scale projects and swift deployments across key international markets.

In a landmark achievement in 2019, ZTE led the construction of Bangladesh’s inaugural national data center, which attained the industry’s highest Uptime Tier IV design and construction certification. Boasting an exceptional reliability rate exceeding 99.995%, ZTE was recognized with the esteemed “Data Center Construction Team of the Year” award for its outstanding construction prowess.

In the Philippines in 2022, ZTE played a pivotal role in establishing expansive network-wide data centers covering over 40,000 square meters for local operators. Overcoming challenges posed by diverse climates and complex topographies, ZTE significantly slashed construction time by over 60% through innovative factory pre-installation and pre-adjustment techniques. Integration of the iDCIM intelligent O&M management system led to approximately 50% savings in O&M manpower. ZTE’s remarkable delivery capability earned it the prestigious “ATEA (Asian Technology Excellence Awards) Asia Science and Technology Excellence Award.”

Since 2023, ZTE has been leading the charge in constructing environmentally sustainable data centers in Indonesia, meticulously designed and built to meet LEED green building certification standards. Embracing principles of green energy conservation, emission reduction, and consumption reduction, ZTE anticipates a notable 23% reduction in energy consumption.

In early 2024, ZTE’s data center in Gansu, China, commenced operations, showcasing meticulous management under a professional and comprehensive general engineering contract mode. Leveraging the digital and intelligent 5G+ construction engineering platform, the project achieved visual and intelligent management throughout its lifecycle. Incorporating AI video technology and an intelligent weighbridge system, ZTE streamlined construction material management, resulting in a 15% improvement in delivery cycle time.

To date, ZTE has successfully delivered over 400 data center projects worldwide, covering a delivery area exceeding 2.5 million square meters, and has garnered more than 60 data center awards both domestically and internationally. Embracing the brand philosophy of “Ultimate Services,” ZTE continues to innovate in the IDC services realm, driving the vitality of computing power engines, collaborating with customers to propel global digital construction, and fortifying information infrastructure development.

The Indonesia Cloud and Data Center Convention stands as Asia’s foremost data center industry exhibition, offering an inclusive platform for operators, system integrators, consultants, engineers, and end-users to engage and exchange ideas in Southeast Asia’s dynamic digital landscape.

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