AIS Care+ with AppleCare: First in Southeast Asia!

AIS, the leading mobile network operator in Thailand, is elevating its customer care services with the launch of enhanced AIS Care+ in partnership with AppleCare Services, marking a groundbreaking initiative in Southeast Asia. This upgraded service goes beyond traditional smartphone protection, now incorporating AppleCare benefits, a first for the region. In addition to the existing feature allowing customers to switch or replace their devices hassle-free, AIS Care+ now offers unparalleled advantages such as unlimited Apple-certified repairs and replacements using genuine Apple parts for iPhones. This coverage extends to various issues including damaged displays, water damage, malfunctioning speakers, microphones, or batteries. Furthermore, customers can avail themselves of global repair services at all Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers worldwide, along with 24/7 Priority Access to Apple Support for technical and software-related concerns.

Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Mobile and Consumer Products at AIS, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive customer care alongside its top-tier network services. This innovative collaboration with bolttech, a leading global embedded protection company, introduces a new service paradigm in Thailand, focusing on swift replacements or repairs. This transformative approach aims to enhance customer confidence and convenience, setting new standards in smartphone protection.

Baldev Singh, CEO of bolttech Southeast Asia, expressed excitement about this collaboration, recognizing the value of partnering with AIS and Apple. He highlighted the opportunity to expand embedded protection programs in Thailand and beyond, offering consumers greater choice, convenience, and access to device protection.

AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services amalgamates the best aspects of customer care from both AIS and Apple, ensuring customers benefit from a comprehensive protection program. The service offers flexible terms, allowing customers to choose between monthly renewable plans of up to 48 months or a 12-month upfront term. In the event of a device replacement, customers receive an Apple Manufactured Guaranteed Device. Moreover, iPhone owners gain access to round-the-clock technical and software support from Apple specialists via For added convenience, customers can opt for complimentary pick-up and delivery services for device switch, replacement, or repairs as part of the AIS Care+ benefits.

AIS customers purchasing any iPhone model can sign up for AIS Care+ with AppleCare Services immediately after their purchase or within 30 days, without the need for phone condition verification. Both monthly and 12-month packages are available, with the latter offering an extra month of protection for free. Enrollment is accessible at any AIS-authorized shop or retailer, including AIS-Telewiz Shop, Jaymart, TG Fone, and iStudio (COPPERWIRED, SPVi, and UFicon).

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