Telefónica Marks Centennial with Madrid Stock Exchange Bell Ringing

Telefónica was honored today at the Madrid Stock Exchange, coinciding with the celebration of its 100th anniversary since its establishment on April 19, 1924. As part of the commemoration, José María Álvarez-Pallete, the Chairman of Telefónica, rang the bell in a time-honored tradition, paying tribute to the century-old company’s continuous presence on the stock market.

Joined by Javier Hernani, the CEO of BME, and 150 distinguished guests from the economic and financial sectors, Álvarez-Pallete emphasized the pivotal role played by Telefónica’s shareholders in the company’s evolution and prosperity. He expressed gratitude for their enduring support, recognizing that ownership of “Telefónicas” has become a cherished legacy for many Spanish families. Álvarez-Pallete affirmed that every strategic move and decision undertaken by Telefónica has been geared towards enhancing shareholder value, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment fueled by the trust placed in them.

Javier Hernani echoed Álvarez-Pallete’s sentiments, noting Telefónica’s transformation into one of the world’s largest and most globally expansive enterprises, largely attributable to the financial backing it has garnered from the stock market. Over the years, Telefónica’s market value has soared by a staggering 165-fold, operating across 12 nations, employing 1.3 million individuals directly and indirectly, and contributing a substantial 49 billion euros to GDP.

The event concluded with BME presenting Telefónica with a commemorative plaque, symbolizing the enduring partnership between the company and the stock exchange.

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