AIS eSports, positioned in the heart of the megacity, inaugurates the AIS eSports STUDIO at AIS SIAM

AIS eSports reaffirms its charge to drive nonstop growth in the esports assiduity, situating itself as theNo. 1 Esports Community Hub in Southeast Asia. Through collaboration with mates across all sectors, AIS eSports aims to propel the complete ecosystem of the esports assiduity. The rearmost corner is the unearthing of the AIS eSports STUDIO at AIS SIAM The Ultimate Gaming Experience, located in the bustling central quarter, marking the most prominent Esports Community Hub in Southeast Asia. This plant is designed to give gamers with an unequaled gaming experience24/7, powered by the intelligent AIS 5G network and a high- speed fiber broadband network with a speed of5000/5000 Mbps- the first and only one of its kind. uniting with leading mates similar as Secretlab, Samsung, SYNNEX, LOGA, and SONY, AIS eSports combines slice- edge gaming technology for PC, press, and gaming gear, offering the stylish and most over- to- date outfit ever. The action is backed by a series of nonstop events and conditioning.

Rungthip Jarusiripipat, Managing Director, Entertainment and Content Business Partnership at AIS, expresses,” The energy of the esports assiduity has significantly contributed to the robust growth of the digital frugality, particularly through the operation of esports competitions that have entered the global sports arena over the once many times. This has led to an increase in the global gamer population to over3.381 billion individualities. Accordingly, AIS recognizes the vital part it plays as a leading digital service provider in the country to connect and support the growth of the esports assiduity. This is achieved through cooperative sweats with mates from the public and private sectors, as well as communities of gamers, including game inventors, competition organizers, guarantors, esports clubs, esports athletes, observers, and indeed the creation of the first esports community mecca, similar as AIS eSports STUDIO. These enterprise have been accepted in colorful friendly city zones in recent times.

Over the course of further than four times, we’ve been laboriously enhancing the ecosystem of the esports assiduity. It all began with our part as a guarantor and supporter of esports competitions through collaboration with the Esports Association of Thailand. We also elevated our involvement by establishing the first 24- hour esports community mecca in Southeast Asia, along with creating our own esports event( OWN IP). The trip continued with a significant step into the part of a protagonist or competition director, expanding our capabilities and earning recognition, indeed working with global game inventors. Throughout this period, we’ve created a platform of openings to drive and develop esports professionals in the assiduity, including athletes and observers at indigenous and public situations, totaling over 100 individualities. also, we’ve established channels for penetrating and watching major esports competitions. For case, during the recent Asian Games, where Thai esports athletes showcased their chops, over 150,000 observers tuned in through AIS PLAY. thus, with the unearthing of AIS eSports STUDIO, our alternate esports community mecca located in the heart of Siam Square, we mark another significant step towards achieving our thing of getting theNo. 1 Esports Community Hub in Southeast Asia. This state- of- the- art mecca is the zenith of esports excellence, offering the stylish and most contemporary gests in Southeast Asia, thanks to our collaboration with leading mates across colorful diligence.

AIS eSports STUDIO at AIS SIAM has paraded a procession of” The Stylish” to deliver a full- fledged Ultimate Gaming Experience to gamers.

The Best Network delivers the ultimate gaming experience on the first and only network with a fiber broadband speed of5000/5000 Mbps. It boasts high- speed, stability, and low quiescence at a remarkable 3 milliseconds. Coupled with the slice- edge AIS 5G and Wi- Fi 7 technologies, it seamlessly caters to every gaming need, icing a presto, important, smooth, and continued gaming experience.

The Stylish Professional Equipment provides the utmost in gaming gests with results and state- of- the- art gaming technology for PC, press, and gaming gear from leading mates both domestically and internationally. This includes

Secretlab Introducing gaming divisions and chairpersons designed specifically for gamers with high inflexibility and material that can accommodate colorful postures, allowing gamers to unleash their full implicit
SYNNEX Featuring top- notch specifications with the rearmost Intel Core i7 Gen 14 CPUs and GeForce RTX4080 plates cards for smooth and continued gameplay.
Samsung’s Odyssey G7 Series 28″ 4K 144Hz Examiner Delivering the most realistic and sharp illustrations in every gaming script.
LOGA Gaming Gear Offering high- quality, featherlight, and durable gaming mice, keyboards, and other peripherals designed with the generalities of Thai culture, earning recognition from the gaming community.
Collaboration with Leading Game Developers Working alongside top game inventors, both locally and internationally, to expand the gaming community and meet the different requirements of gamers in every format. These sweats aim to enhance and feed to the gaming experience exhaustively, icing top- notch quality and invention in every aspect.
The Stylish Exclusive Zone a first in Thailand, offers the service of the PlayStation 5 press — the eagerly awaited gaming platform for PlayStation suckers. We bring a unique and exclusive experience to guests, allowing them to immerse themselves in a comprehensive collection of games from SONY, including the rearmost and recently streamlined titles. also, it serves as a show room for guests interested in copping
the PlayStation 5.

The Stylish position expands its reign to the heart of Siam with AIS eSports STUDIO, the alternate investiture positioned on the 4th bottom of AIS SIAM structure in Siam Square. Considered the ultimate position, it stands as a mecca that gathers fashion, food, and trendy conditioning for the youngish generation in the bustling center of the megacity.

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