AppViewX Named ‘Must See’ Vendor at RSA Conference 2024 by EMA

AppViewX, a pioneer in automated machine identity management (MIM) and application security, proudly announces its selection by analyst firm EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) for inclusion in its Vendor Vision 2024 Report. Highlighted as one of the top 12 vendors to watch at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco, AppViewX will showcase its cutting-edge SaaS platform and certificate lifecycle management solutions at Booth 4508 in the Moscone North Expo hall.

According to EMA analysts, the AppViewX Platform marks a significant advancement in identity management, effectively addressing the complex network of human and machine entities requiring secure access. Through the utilization of AI and ML technologies, this platform streamlines identity provisioning and lifecycle management across various environments, spanning from on-premises to multi-cloud setups. EMA’s evaluation underscores its pivotal role in strengthening cybersecurity postures, enforcing compliance controls, and mitigating risks associated with expired or unauthorized digital certificates. By centralizing management and automating cryptographic policy enforcement, AppViewX empowers organizations to adhere to zero trust principles and enhance resilience against evolving threats.

Gregory Webb, CEO of AppViewX, expressed his pride at being recognized as a Visionary Vendor at the RSA Conference by EMA, emphasizing that such acknowledgment is highly esteemed within the industry. Webb noted, “Our unparalleled ability to automate enterprise-wide certificate-based identity provisioning, lifecycle management, and cryptographic policy creation and enforcement within a unified SaaS platform sets us apart.”

Further insights provided by EMA analysts Christopher Steffen, VP of Research, and Ken Buckler, Research Director, highlight AppViewX’s SaaS-first approach, which offers customers a robust solution mirroring its on-premises counterpart with additional features. The platform’s frequent updates ensure customers rapidly realize value, while its diverse automation workflows, easily customizable through a visual builder, streamline certificate provisioning by automating the entire process, from issuance to binding. This approach eliminates manual errors and reduces operational overhead, providing organizations with a more efficient and secure management solution.

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