Arrcus Introduces Egress Cost Control (ECC): A Game-Changing Solution to Cut Cloud Connectivity Costs by Up to 40%

Arrcus, a renowned hyperscale networking software company leading the charge in core, edge, and multi-cloud routing and switching infrastructure, has just made a groundbreaking announcement. The company is unveiling a significant enhancement to its FlexMCN multi-cloud networking solution with the introduction of Egress Cost Control (ECC). This revolutionary technology is poised to reshape the landscape of cloud connectivity costs, offering the potential to achieve substantial savings, with estimates reaching up to 40% on egress charges.

Understanding the ECC Advantage

In a digital landscape dominated by bandwidth-intensive applications such as distributed Large Language Models (LLM) for generative AI, Database Replication, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and the prevalence of hybrid work scenarios, customers often find themselves burdened with substantial costs due to hidden data egress charges. It’s crucial to note that these charges differ from the fees incurred when a customer permanently exits the cloud. According to insights from Gartner, identifying these scattered data egress charges across diverse cloud resources can be challenging.

Arrcus’ FlexMCN, now powered by ECC technology, emerges as an economic game-changer. It not only provides enhanced visibility and optimization through smarter routing but also empowers organizations to effectively minimize egress costs in a world where bandwidth demands continue to rise.

Navigating Cloud Cost Challenges

Numerous cloud architectures, especially those relying on data replication for resilience, inevitably face egress charges. Workloads contributing significantly to egress charges, such as database storage, backup, and replication, can substantially impact overall cloud costs, often contributing 10-15% to the total bill. This dynamic requires IT leaders to strike a delicate balance between ensuring high availability and managing costs effectively.

FlexMCN with ECC: A Strategic Solution

Arrcus’ FlexMCN, now fortified with ECC technology, is a robust solution providing enterprises with not just visibility and allocation of egress costs but also dynamically and intelligently routing traffic to destinations with the lowest egress costs. This capability seamlessly extends across hybrid, colocation, and public cloud environments, as well as all underlay connections, whether dedicated or shared over the internet. FlexMCN’s capabilities, including application-level performance and cost optimization for factors like low latency and high bandwidth, position it as a comprehensive solution for the evolving challenges of multi-cloud environments.

Shekar Ayyar, Chairman and CEO at Arrcus, commented, “With Arrcus’ ECC-enabled FlexMCN, organizations can now gain granular control over cloud egress costs to achieve significant savings. We are committed to innovating and addressing the challenges faced by businesses in multi-cloud environments, as is evident from this smart solution.”

Stay tuned for further updates as Arrcus continues to lead the way in transforming the economics of multi-cloud networking.

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