Deutsche Telekom Chooses Mavenir for Cloud-Native Messaging, Accelerating 5G Readiness Across Europe

Deutsche Telekom has recently selected Mavenir, the Network Software Provider revolutionizing networks with cutting-edge cloud-native solutions, to spearhead the modernization and innovation of messaging capabilities across its networks in Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, and Slovakia. This strategic move by Mavenir aims to propel these networks towards 5G readiness, introducing the future of telecommunications across multiple European regions.

Mavenir’s acclaimed and globally-leading secure messaging solution has been chosen to drive revenue growth for operators across a spectrum of networks, spanning from 2G to the cutting-edge 5G technology. The implementation of Mavenir’s fully cloud-native Message Controller solution will play a pivotal role in Deutsche Telekom’s pursuit of seamless Application to Person (A2P) messaging, accommodating the diverse needs of multi-generation networks.

As the telecommunications landscape evolves, the importance of machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, powered by 5G, becomes increasingly evident. Mavenir’s messaging solution is tailored to support these emerging technologies, facilitating features such as remote Over-The-Air (OTA) activation of devices and enhanced power efficiencies, crucial for SMS compared to a continuous data connection.

Mavenir’s Message Controller stands out by consolidating messaging requirements across all generations of networks (2G/3G/4G/IMS/5G) into a unified solution, eliminating unnecessary complexities. This comprehensive solution includes features like MMSC, SMSC, IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM GW), SMS firewall, and the SMS Function (SMSF) for 5G networks. Delivered as a fully containerized cloud-native solution capable of running on any cloud, it not only streamlines messaging experiences but also aids operators in gracefully phasing out core legacy infrastructure, offering enhanced agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, Mavenir’s Message Controller is designed for automation, leveraging Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tooling to significantly reduce deployment, upgrade, and scaling timelines. The incorporation of Mavenir’s top-notch spam and fraud prevention ensures the security of networks, subscribers, and revenue.

Tino Puch, Technology Delivery International at Deutsche Telekom, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, “The long experience with Mavenir in the Messaging area has shown that we can successfully work as partners to deliver the best service to our customers. For our DT cloudification journey, we decided to continue this partnership in our European footprint. I am looking forward to the path ahead in the value-added services area.”

Ilia Abramov, VP, GM, Security at Mavenir, emphasized the potential for innovation in A2P, M2M, and massive IoT messaging, underlining the significance of operators seizing this opportunity and leading the market with pioneering capabilities. Mavenir is proud to continue its successful relationship with Deutsche Telekom and serve as their partner in this expansive multi-country deployment. Stay tuned for the transformative journey ahead in value-added services.

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