Boost Mobile & Coach Prime Partner for Exclusive Device

Renowned football legend and current head coach of the University of Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders, affectionately known as “Coach Prime,” is joining forces with Boost Mobile, a brand synonymous with innovation and community engagement. This collaboration, built on a shared commitment to excellence and community empowerment, aims to inspire individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

To mark the beginning of this exciting partnership, Boost Mobile and Coach Prime are introducing an exclusive Coach Prime-branded Motorola Razr. Available starting April 19, customers can purchase this limited-edition device adorned in a striking gold and black finish, featuring Coach Prime’s motivating mantra “You Gotta Believe” and his personal signature, both online at and in Boost Mobile stores while supplies last. Beyond its stylish design, the Motorola Razr Coach Prime edition serves as a symbol of motivation, reminding users to strive for greatness. Boost Mobile customers will also receive weekly motivational messages from Coach Prime and have access to exclusive digital backgrounds.

The limited-edition Coach Prime device is available for $149.99 on Moreover, customers subscribing to Boost Mobile’s $60/month plan can receive the device at no additional cost when purchased at Boost Mobile stores.

Sean Lee, SVP of Consumer Product and Marketing at Boost Mobile, expressed excitement about having Coach Prime onboard, highlighting his leadership qualities, dedication to success, and community advocacy. Lee hinted at more exciting collaborations between Boost Mobile and Coach Prime, fueled by Boost Mobile’s own 5G network.

Coach Prime echoed Lee’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of connectivity and expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration. He commended Boost Mobile’s efforts in building a modern 5G wireless network accessible to all, emphasizing their commitment to connectivity.

Boost Mobile customers can enjoy the benefits of connecting their Coach Prime device to Boost Wireless 5G Network, providing fast download speeds and enhanced call clarity. Additionally, customers will have access to a vast network of cell towers across the country.

As a special treat, customers who purchase the signature Coach Prime Razr within the first month of its release may receive a surprise phone call from Coach Prime himself. This opportunity offers fans a chance to gain inspiration directly from the legendary coach.

Throughout the partnership, Coach Prime will play a pivotal role in Boost Mobile’s advertising, marketing, and social media initiatives. He will lead Boost Mobile’s “Boost the Block” initiatives, aiming to strengthen connections within local communities nationwide.

Boost Mobile is excited to partner with Coach Prime, empowering Americans to seize every opportunity and pursue their goals vigorously. To learn more about this partnership, visit, and stay tuned for further announcements featuring Coach Prime throughout the year.

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