True Corp Bolsters COW for Enhanced Mobile Signals in Thailand’s Songkran Festival

True Corporation delights travelers across Thailand during the Songkran festival by promoting seamless connectivity with their innovative solutions, making the celebration happier, faster, and stronger. With enhanced mobile signals including 5G, 4G, and WiFi, wherever you spot “COW,” confidence follows. These solutions cater to True and dtac brand customers, ensuring a comprehensive experience throughout Thailand during the 2024 Songkran Festival and extended holidays.

As Thais pay homage to the Buddha and seek blessings for the Thai New Year, families reunite, and traditions like pouring water over elders continue. Mr. Prathet Tankuranan, Chief Technology Officer of True Corporation Public Company Limited, emphasizes their commitment to developing top-tier 5G and 4G networks nationwide. For the Songkran Festival, a pinnacle of Thai tradition attracting both locals and international tourists, signal quality takes precedence.

Analyzing Mobility Data from previous years, True Corporation identified popular destinations such as Ubon Ratchathani, Buriram, Sisaket, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Khon Kaen. This insight informs their strategic approach to support these areas during the festivities, optimizing network performance and service delivery.

Special measures are in place across five key areas in every region celebrating Songkran:

  1. Key tourist attractions and religious sites.
  2. Locations for Songkran water festivities.
  3. Transportation hubs including airports, bus, and train stations.
  4. Major road networks connecting regions.
  5. Vital rest stops for travelers.

True Corporation collaborates with relevant authorities to ensure adherence to quality and standards of mobile phone usage, especially during the bustling Songkran holiday period. Anticipating increased service usage, they unveil solutions to fortify True-DTAC signals during the festival:

  1. Mobile interchange vehicles (COW or Cell-On-Wheel) stationed strategically at popular landmarks and tourist sites.
  2. Temporary site antennas extended to focal points of activity in each province.
  3. Fine-tuning signal parameters (Event Parameter) to align with usage patterns during Songkran.
  4. BNIC, an intelligent network operations center equipped with AI and a dedicated special operations unit (War Room), stands prepared to ensure 24/7 network management and support for all services.

True Corporation’s proactive measures aim to enhance connectivity, ensuring seamless communication and access to services throughout the vibrant Songkran celebrations across Thailand.

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