CyberPower Broadens Smart App Sinewave UPS Series with Addition of Lithium-Iron Models

Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc., a renowned leader in power protection and management solutions, has unveiled the expansion of its Smart App Sinewave UPS series. The latest addition includes two models incorporating advanced lithium-iron phosphate battery technology, setting a new standard in power supply reliability. These UPS systems, with an impressive battery life of up to 10 years, surpass the longevity of conventional battery-equipped systems.

Jake Shevik, senior product manager at CyberPower, emphasized the groundbreaking features of the lithium UPS systems. He stated, “These next-generation lithium UPS systems offer all the advantages of our recently updated Smart App Sinewave UPS series but with reduced maintenance requirements and an extended product lifecycle.” Shevik highlighted the safety and performance benefits of lithium-iron batteries, citing their ability to deliver 2.7 times the runtime compared to traditional lead-acid batteries and an incredibly fast charge time of only two hours.

Designed to cater to corporate and departmental needs, the cloud-enabled UPS systems provide robust protection for servers, networking equipment, and other electronics. The systems employ line-interactive topology, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), and surge protection to rectify minor power fluctuations without resorting to battery backup. The sine wave output ensures seamless operation of sensitive equipment.

The CyberPower Lithium-Iron UPS Systems come with a standard five-year warranty and showcase a more compact form factor, offering up to twice the runtime when compared to similar lithium UPS systems available in the market.

These cutting-edge UPS systems feature integrated CyberPower PowerPanel Cloud technology, along with an additional remote monitoring card. This facilitates effortless monitoring of the UPS system and connected devices across multiple locations from any internet-connected device, enhancing efficiency and reducing the strain on IT resources.

Available in two variants, the new CyberPower Smart App Sinewave UPS systems with lithium-iron batteries are offered in outputs of 1500 VA/1500 Watts (model PRL1500RT2UC) and 3000 VA/3000 Watts (model PRL3000RT2UC). These models represent a significant leap forward in UPS technology, combining reliability, longevity, and advanced monitoring capabilities for a diverse range of applications.

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