Reveal Mobile Announces Partnership with LoopMe for Out of Home Measurement

Reveal Mobile, a prominent Out-of-Home (OOH) measurement provider, has officially entered into a strategic partnership with LoopMe to enhance brand lift measurement capabilities. This collaboration solidifies a comprehensive campaign performance solution for OOH, offering measurement solutions spanning from brand lift to sales outcomes.

LoopMe, renowned for its proprietary AI-driven survey technology, optimizes media campaigns in real-time, creating a dynamic feedback loop to enhance advertising performance across various metrics. With the integration of Reveal Mobile’s expertise, LoopMe is extending its industry-leading technology to deliver top-tier measurement services for OOH, digital, and CTV advertising channels.

The significance of brand lift as a metric for evaluating advertising efficacy has long been acknowledged by traditional brand marketers. The burgeoning opportunities in Out of Home advertising have attracted more brand marketers to this channel, prompting a heightened demand for robust measurement solutions. LoopMe’s solution not only meets this demand but also instills confidence in brand marketers to invest more in Out of Home advertising. Reveal Mobile is proud to contribute to the broader adoption of LoopMe’s cutting-edge solution.

Anna Bager, President & CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), emphasized the critical role of reliable and affordable campaign measurement as Out of Home continues to grow. The application of new technologies, from programmatic approaches to experiential creative deployment, enhances the effectiveness of OOH, catching the attention of brand marketers.

Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer of LoopMe, highlighted the partnership with Reveal as a crucial step in measuring the impact of OOH campaigns on foot traffic, in-app engagement, and online activities. The collaboration aims to deliver brand lift outcomes seamlessly across all consumer advertising channels, contributing to LoopMe’s expanded offerings in the U.S.

Randy Kilgore, Chief Revenue Officer of Reveal, expressed immense honor at being chosen as LoopMe’s exclusive partner for Brand Lift surveys in the OOH channel. Recognizing LoopMe as a global leader in media optimization and analytics, Kilgore acknowledged the high standards set by LoopMe and expressed humility at being selected as a partner.

The influence of Out of Home advertising is substantiated by research, indicating that a significant percentage of U.S. adults notice OOH ads on their way to the store. The statistics further highlight the impact of mobile advertising on consumer behavior, emphasizing the favorable view that adults have towards OOH ads compared to other competitive media.

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