Digital-First Leader Visible Extends Partnership with MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software, a leading provider of 5G and digital monetization solutions on a global scale, has officially announced the extension of its collaboration with Visible, the all-digital wireless carrier owned by Verizon. This strategic partnership will see Visible continue to utilize MATRIXX’s cutting-edge platform, ensuring an innovative, app-centric user experience and transparent pricing for its customers. Additionally, Visible will leverage MATRIXX’s Enhanced Support Services (ESS) to further enhance operational efficiency and customer support.

Having been a reliable partner to Visible since its inception, MATRIXX Software played a pivotal role in providing monetization capabilities for the all-digital stack during the carrier’s official launch in 2018. Glo Gordon, CEO of MATRIXX Software, expressed pride in the collaborative efforts and innovations achieved thus far and conveyed enthusiasm about the continued partnership for years to come.

Visible has established a commendable reputation for offering cost-effective, unlimited subscription services that prioritize a refined, all-digital engagement. Recognized for its seamless setup process, network performance, and budget-friendly plans, Visible has earned accolades such as being named a Fast Company Most Innovative Company and the Best Telecom Brand by Adweek.

Jeremy Bolton, Managing Director of Visible, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering reliable, unlimited services in a cost-effective and highly efficient manner. Bolton acknowledged the ambitious nature of this endeavor but credited the close collaboration with the MATRIXX team and the utilization of their cloud-based monetization solution for enabling continuous innovation. This collaboration has allowed Visible to deliver a distinctive and exciting service known for its simplicity and reliability.

The expanded partnership with MATRIXX not only includes the use of the digital commerce solution but also incorporates MATRIXX’s ESS. This addition enables operators to optimize monetization operations and expedite the launch of digital services. The ESS, a highly tailored service, ensures Visible can maximize its competitive offerings while establishing direct communication channels with experts from MATRIXX’s engineering, global, and executive teams.

For those interested in gaining insights into the MATRIXX/Visible partnership, a recent webinar featuring Visible’s Jeremy Bolton and MATRIXX’s VP of Consulting, Kevin Susman, explores the carrier’s market journey and provides a discussion on the future of this disruptive brand.

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