Ending Affordable Connectivity Program: T-Mobile Offers Connection Solutions

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an initiative stemming from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed in 2021, has been instrumental in providing discounted internet or wireless plans and one-time device discounts to eligible households. With a budget of $14.2 billion, the program has benefited approximately 23 million households. However, its future hinges on Congress renewing funding.

The primary objective of the ACP has been to mitigate the digital divide, facilitating access to crucial online services such as education, job opportunities, telehealth, and more.

As the ACP faces an uncertain future, T-Mobile has stepped up to provide options for those affected:

Assurance Wireless: Existing customers leveraging their ACP benefits with Assurance Wireless will maintain their service until August 2024 without alterations to their pricing or plans. After this period, they will need to qualify for Lifeline, a free federal assistance program, or transition to another low-cost T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile plan.

Metro by T-Mobile: Current Metro by T-Mobile subscribers with ACP benefits will receive their discount until June bill dates, followed by a $15 monthly discount on their ACP line until August 2024. Metro by T-Mobile emphasizes flexibility, offering contract-free plans starting at $35 for the first month and $30 per month thereafter with AutoPay, featuring unlimited talk and text, and 5GB of high-speed data on the largest 5G network in America.

New customers at Metro by T-Mobile can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and nationwide 5G data for $30 in the first month and $25 with AutoPay thereafter. Additionally, Metro offers 5G home internet alongside voice lines.

Connect by T-Mobile: Another affordable prepaid option, Connect by T-Mobile, provides unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of 5G data on America’s largest 5G network for $15 per month.

T-Mobile prepaid data plans: Tablet and hotspot 5G mobile internet data plans start at $10 per month for 2GB of data and up.

T-Mobile’s commitment to bridging the digital divide extends beyond the ACP through Project 10Million, a $10.7 billion nationwide initiative. This project aims to provide free internet connectivity and mobile hotspots to up to 10 million eligible student households, alongside free or heavily subsidized data plans for school districts. Moreover, participants gain access to affordable laptops and tablets. T-Mobile has already allocated $6.4 billion in services, connecting nearly 6 million students across the United States through Project 10Million and other educational initiatives.

In today’s highly interconnected digital landscape, reliable and affordable wireless and internet services are essential for all. T-Mobile remains dedicated to serving customers affected by the conclusion of the ACP, ensuring continued connectivity and support.

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