Gamefam Closes Record FY2023 & Releases Report on State of Brands in Metaverse Gaming

Gamefam, the leading metaverse game inventor, publisher, and strategist with a portfolio of live-operated original games, virtual musicales, and gests that connect brands with the new cult, moment unveiled its first-ever “ State of Brands in Metaverse Gaming ” report, including results from its most successful time to date.
With top-performing titles and activations on Roblox and Fortnite, the company blazoned FY2023 as its most successful time yet, achieving further than 35 time-over-year profit growth, spanning to further than 200 workers, and reaching 16 successive diggings of profit growth. With over 30 games in its possessed and operated network, Gamefam cemented itself as the metaverse’s top inventor in 2023, with over 7.5 billion gameplay sessions across its portfolio this time – surpassing 29 billion gameplay sessions to date.

” As 2023 comes to a close, we can look back at another time where our work has transcended gaming and we ’ve rewritten the playbook on what is possible in virtual worlds, ” said Joe Ferencz, CEO and author at Gamefam. “ Our platoon, the heart and soul of Gamefam, continues to delight players and mates time and time again. We are not just navigating a fast-evolving assiduity; we are shaping it from scrape. With Roblox and Fortnite continuing to be the primary entertainment and digital culture platforms for Gen Z and Alpha, our charge for 2024 is clear produce amazing gests for amazing communities.”

2023 achievements within the Gamefam portfolio include

Beating the Maps and Turning Notable IP into megahit Roblox Games In 2023, Gamefam was the inventor, proprietor and driver behind three of the top 10 ingrained Roblox games – including Sonic Speed Simulator(# 1 ingrained Roblox game in 2023,# 1 ingrained Roblox game of all time), Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon(# 7 in 2023) and TMNT Battle mogul(# 10 in 2023). During the time, the company launched sanctioned Roblox games for Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cirque du Soleil, Bakugan, the NFL, Warner Music Group, and more.
Breaking Fortnite Boundaries Gamefam subsidized on new Fortnite inventor tools that went live in 2023. The company developed the first-ever brand integration into a Fortnite Creative game for the horror movie Talk to Me, with an intertwined experience in Deadpines Zombie Survival. Gamefam also erected Kappa Canyon, a chart designed specifically for Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl IV, which reached 1 million observers on the live stream, in addition to developing Legends Landing, an sanctioned Epic Games Fortnite experience that hosts Fortnite Competitive events. Overall, Gamefam recorded 2 billion twinkles of gameplay across its portfolio of Fortnite games in 2023.
From the Big Screen to the Metaverse Gamefam worked with workrooms behind pictures and television shows to promote their content to millions of players on Roblox and Fortnite – ahead, during and after their global premieres. Gamefam developed unique integrations and gests for Barbie( movie), TMNT Mutant Mayhem( movie caravan), Talk to Me( horror movie), Unicorn Academy( Netflix show), Bakugan( Netflix show), Glisten & The Merry Mission( Build-A-Bear movie) and Twilight Daycare The Show( Gamefam show).
Rockin ’ the Metaverse In cooperation with Warner Music Group, Gamefam developed two of the top musicale gests on Roblox in 2023, including Saweetie’s Super Bowl musicale(# 1 rated Roblox musicale of all time) and Bebe Rexha – delighting further than11.8 million concertgoers combined. Most specially, in February, Gamefam worked with the NFL and Warner Music Group to launch the award-winning, first-ever Super Bowl musical in the metaverse, starring Saweetie and seamlessly delivering results for presenting guarantor Intuit. To date, Gamefam has developed three of the top five musicales on Roblox( grounded on player conditions). Besides musicals, Gamefam introduced artists like Cher, Maisie Peters and Ashnikko to Roblox with multi-week events promoting their new reader releases, generating over 1 million visits and 9 million twinkles of immersive engagement with their virtual incorporations and music.
Hardly Any Brands Need Standalone Games As the assiduity took note that every brand needs a metaverse strategy, Gamefam introduced brands to the massive, being player bases in our portfolio of megahit games – helping them to reach millions of avaricious players in formerly popular games via authentic and engaging brand integrations. Delivering the engagement of existential marketing with the scale of digital, Gamefam generated over6.7 B crusade engagements and5.3 billion twinkles of brand engagement across more than 20 ingrained integrations and announcement juggernauts in 2023 for top parcels including Intuit’s backing of Saweetie’s Super Bowl musicale and Super NFL mogul, Spin Master’s launch of Unicorn Academy within Twilight Daycare, Paramount Pictures ’ creation of Mills in Weapon Fighting Simulator, as well as juggernauts for Spin Master’s Monster Jam and Bakugan and Ubisoft’s Brawlhalla. The company also delivered 113 million prints via in-game native displays in 2023 for brands like Disney, Skechers, Paramount, Netflix, Universal and further.
Beyond Branded Games Gamefam has the biggest portfolio of hit original games in Roblox and Fortnite
Tycoons Military Tycoon, War Tycoon, Ultra Power Tycoon, Zombie Battle Tycoon
Music Funky Friday(# 1 music game on Roblox), Roberts
Roleplay Twilight Daycare, Maple Hospital
Top Hits Deadpines Zombie Survival, horizonless Zonewars, Crank Simulator
Fortnite Competitive Streaming mecca Legends wharf
Fortnite Events Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl IV in Kappa Canyon
Virtual wares Matters As virtual incorporations come more and more important to Gen Z & Alpha, Gamefam delivered some of Roblox’s most popular virtual wares in 2023, including ingrained wares in games like Sonic Speed Simulator and Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon, Hugo Boss ’ NFL hoodies in Super NFL Tycoon, and jewelry, vesture, hair and further for musicales headlined by Bebe Rexha and Saweetie. In total, Gamefam drove large- scale brand exposure and addict engagement, dealing further than2.3 million virtual wares particulars in 2023, a 100 increase time-over-year.

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