Next2Sun and iSun Build First Vertical Agrivoltaics System in the USA

The US solar company iSun,Inc.( NASDAQ ISUN)( “ iSun ”) and the German agrivoltaics innovate Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH( “ Next2Sun ”) have been cooperating since the morning of 2023 to concertedly establish Next2Sun’s perpendicular agrivoltaics system in the USA. Construction of the first agrivoltaics factory with Next2Sun system will begin in Vermont in early 2024.
For 50 times, iSun has enabled the important transitions of our world by accelerating the relinquishment of proven technological inventions that ameliorate our lives. From the clean apartments that enabled silicone chip product, to the telecommunication installation services that connected diligence and consumers to the internet, iSun has enabled the most important technological metamorphoses of the last century. While these technologies and our capabilities have changed over the times, our commitment to accelerating the relinquishment of proven, world- changing technologies has remained loyal. moment, iSun believes that clean renewable solar energy is the most important investment we can make. We’re driven to use our capabilities to accelerate the transition from dirty to clean energy.

Next2Sun is the innovator, invention and technology leader in perpendicular bifacial photovoltaics. The introductory conception of vertically installed, bifacial solar modules shifts solar power product to times of generally low vacuity and avoids the overbuilding of agrarian land. For the success of the energy transition, this means smaller conflicts of use, better content of electricity demand and lower storehouse conditions. Next2Sun has developed a wide range of products grounded on the perpendicular bifacial system technology and the patented frame system developed for it, and brought them to vend maturity, in particular the perpendicular bifacial agrivoltaics system and the bifacial solar hedge. As a result, Next2Sun moment offers results for a variety of operations for the agrarian, public, marketable and private sectors as amulti-award-winning request and technology leader.

The first common agrivoltaics design of Next2Sun and iSun will be realised in Vermont at the morning of 2024. On an area of3.7 acres, 69 perpendicular rack rudiments, each with 2 bifacial solar modules, will be installed at a distance of 30ft. Vegetables similar as carrots and beetroot as well as saffron will be planted between the rows.

” The Next2Sun system is an excellent supplement to our product portfolio,” says iSun CEO Jeffrey Peck,” Thanks to the perpendicular underpinning of the modules and the rigidity of the installation to the requirements of the planter, the precious land is nearly fully saved for husbandry.”

Next2Sun AG CEO Heiko Hildebrandt is also looking forward to the collaboration” In iSun, we’ve set up a mate who, like us, wants to accelerate the energy transition. With our perpendicular bifacial agrivoltaics system, we can make an important donation to this, especially in areas similar as the north- east of the USA. The perpendicular Next2Sun system always produces electricity when conventional PV systems are producing lower.”

This design is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the Renewable Energy results Programme of the German Energy results Initiative.

German Energy Agency( dena)

The German Energy Agency( dena) is a centre of excellence for the applied energy transition and climate protection. dena studies the challenges of erecting a climate-neutral society and supports the German government in achieving its energy and climate policy objects. Since its foundation in 2000, dena has worked to develop and apply results and bring together public and transnational mates from politics, assiduity, the scientific community and all corridor of society. dena is a design enterprise and a public company possessed by the German civil government. dena’s shareholder is the Federal Republic of

German Energy results Initiative

With the end of positioning German technologies and know- how worldwide, the German Energy results Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action( BMWK) supports suppliers of climate-friendly energy results in opening up foreign requests. The focus lies on renewable powers, energy effectiveness, smart grids and storehouse, as well as technologies similar as power- to- gas and energy cells. Aimed in particular at small and medium- sized enterprises, the German Energy results Initiative supports actors through measures to prepare request entry as well as to prospect, develop and secure new requests.
Renewable Energy results Programme( RES Programme)

With the RES programme, the Energy Export Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action( BMWK) helps German companies in the renewable energy and energy effectiveness sectors enter new requests. Within the frame of the programme, reference shops are installed and retailed with the support of the German Energy Agency( dena). Information and training conditioning help insure a sustainable request entry and demonstrate the quality of climate-friendly technologies made in Germany.

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