QStar Tech Launches Global ArchiveSpace™

QStar Technologies Inc., renowned for its active archive software tailored for tape libraries, introduces today the QStar Global ArchiveSpace™. This innovative multi-node gateway software solution caters to the colossal archival demands of various sectors including high-performance computing (HPC), AI/ML, hyperscalers, media and entertainment, and video surveillance. It aims to streamline, store, and safeguard data for the long haul, leveraging the world’s most extensive tape libraries.

The Global ArchiveSpace™ establishes a multi-node archive solution on either Windows or Linux platforms using Global Namespaces for SMB shares, NFS mounts, or S3 buckets. By enabling installation on Windows or Linux, users can opt for their preferred security model, employing Active Directory or LDAP. Ranging from 3 to 64 nodes, users can select the configuration based on their capacity and performance requirements. Additionally, Global ArchiveSpace™ seamlessly integrates with QStar Archive Manager, allowing users to upgrade existing licenses to capitalize on the enhanced resilience and performance offered by this solution.

Riccardo Finotti, CEO of QStar Technologies, remarked, “QStar has observed a surge in demand for extensive tape libraries with tens or hundreds of tape drives in recent years. Consequently, we’ve dedicated efforts to enhance our flagship product, Archive Manager, to accommodate exabytes of data archived to tape, catering to today’s high-performance computing, AI/ML projects, as well as the escalating digital video archive needs of media and entertainment and large-scale video surveillance environments. Modern tape emerges as an ideal storage solution for such massive datasets during inactive phases owing to its superior performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.”

Global ArchiveSpace™ is architected to support tape libraries from all vendors, with a particular focus on the largest tape libraries available in the market today, compatible with various versions of LTO or proprietary tape drive technologies. It seamlessly integrates with prominent tape library models such as IBM TS4500, Oracle SL8500, Quantum Scalar i6000, and Spectra Logic TFinity Exascale, supporting hundreds of tape drives and an unlimited media count, enabling storage of hundreds of Petabytes or Exabytes of data.

Key features of Global ArchiveSpace™ include:

  • Global namespace facilitating multi-node read/write operations in parallel, ensuring any node can access any media through any tape drive.
  • Multi-node architecture ensuring high availability.
  • Multi-write option grouping tape drives for enhanced performance by allowing simultaneous writing to multiple drives based on predefined policies.
  • Mirroring and replication options for content protection, automatically generating data copies within the library, to another tape library, or to private/public cloud storage.
  • Elimination of the need for tape library partitioning, reducing administrative complexity.
  • Support for hundreds of LTO or proprietary tape drives and an unlimited number of media.
  • Web Services support facilitating rapid retrieval of sequentially stored data by pre-sorting them in the order they appear on tape media, minimizing media loads and eliminating “shoe-shining.”

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