Revolutionizing Water Stewardship – The megacity of Dire Dawa and Nedamco Africa Unveil Cutting- Edge Water Management Platform Initiative at COP28| December 9th 2023| COP28UAE Press Center

moment, at COP28 in the UAE, the megacity of Dire Dawa( Ethiopia) Water Supply and Sewerage Authority( DDWSSA) and Nedamco Africa together with its mates Microsoft, Deltares, and Isle Utilities blazoned the launch of the “ Nedamco Catchment- City- Waste Water Management ”( CCW) design for the megacity of Dire Dawa. The CCW result by Nedamco Africa and its mates Microsoft, Deltares is an intertwined technology platform that directly addresses the critical challenges of water losses and hamstrung operation, current in fleetly citifying regions like Dire Dawa. It embodies a holistic approach to water operation by employing digital binary technology, AI/ ML, and satellite imagery to deliver comprehensive monitoring of water architectures, descry leakages, and make climate impact prognostications with the thing to give further access to water, further water vacuity as well as bettered water quality. With the deployment of the CCW platform Dire Dawa envisions a transformative shift in water resource stewardship, fostering a sustainable, flexible future for the occupants of Dire Dawa.” We’re proud to advertise a vital design in cooperation with Nedamco Africa that addresses Dire Dawa’s water challenges. Through slice- edge technology, we are icing accurate, empirical advancements in water operation that will significantly enhance the quality of life for our megacity’s residers by furnishing further water. This action isn’t just about invention- it’s about securing a sustainable future for Dire Dawa, opening doors to new backing for vital water structure, and supporting our community in meeting the critical demands of water conservation aligned with SDG6,” said Mohammed Mussie, CEO of Dire Dawa Water Supply and Sewerage Authority.

A vault towards sustainable climate action backing- The innovative approach involves integrating advanced technologies with scrupulous( near) real- time data collection and analysis, enabling the accurate dimension of the environmental benefits deduced from water conservation sweats. In this process, Nedamco Africa utilizes cutting- edge tools from global technology leaders, leverages AI and ML models, high- resolution satellite imagery, and blockchain technologies. These tools grease a dependable, real- time shadowing of water operation and advancements, icing that the generated water data isn’t only empirical but also transparent and scalable. Nedamco Africa leverages this approach to creating water instruments that employ the Volumetric Water Benefits Account( VWBA)2.0 methodology, which allows for a comprehensive and quantifiable assessment of water operation systems. By clinging to rigorous norms Nedamco Africa can guarantee the created instruments reflect genuine advancements in water operation, offering an asset in the global sweats to promote sustainable water operation and operation. The approach not only aids DDWSSA in effective water resource operation but also opens new avenues for DDWSSA to attract innovative backing in water network development and community support, aligning nearly with global sustainability pretensions like SDG6.

“ This action has a huge eventuality to impact the lives of numerous. When water distribution systems come smart, they present an occasion to vend the digital evidence of reduced losses from the system to companies that want to pay to compensate their water use, and in this way grease investment in serviceability and their networks. I’ll keep supporting this action in Ethiopia where a airman will take place in Dire Dawa and, we ’re tapping into a fully new request. This will accelerate private investments in the true spirit of the Water Action Agenda of UN23 to help reach SDG6 in time. We take pride in the Netherlands’ heritage of water operation, transubstantiating water challenges into openings for sustainable development, ” said Jelmer van Veen, First Secretary for Water Affairs at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia.

This public-private cooperation( PPP) action exemplifies the transformative eventuality of public-private hookups, using collaborative moxie, coffers, and invention to foster a green frugality. By blending state- led environmental programs with private sector energy and transnational climate finance mechanisms.

” We see the Dire Dawa collaboration as a foundation for climate adaptability, marking a significant Public- Private Partnership that will lead the way for metropolises encyclopedically to embrace analogous strategies. This crucial action showcases the practical operation of advanced technologies in combating diurnal climate challenges, especially in water- stressed regions. It’s a testament to Nedamco Africa’s commitment to not only address water failure but also enhance biodiversity. Our work in Dire Dawa is paving the path for further metropolises to join this battle against climate change, icing sustainable surroundings for unborn generations,” stated Michael Kogeler, CEO of Nedamco Africa.

Microsoft is a vital mate and contributors to the action, furnishing the technological backbone and innovative results critical to the success of the system. Microsoft’s slice- edge pall calculating platforms and AI capabilities enable the robust processing and analysis of vast environmental data sets. Together, the cooperative sweats of the mates and DDWSSA aren’t only enhancing the perfection of water operation but are also setting a new standard in data- driven conservation and sustainable water practices on a global scale.

” We’re immensely proud to be at the van of this transformative trip with DDWSSA and Nedamco Africa,” said Anke den Ouden, CEO of Microsoft Netherlands.” By using Microsoft’s advanced pall and AI technologies, we’re setting a new paradigm in environmental stewardship. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our products; it’s about empowering our mates to achieve a greener future. This collaboration is a testament to the power of technology in making a substantial impact on our earth’s health and the well- being of communities across Africa.”

structure original moxie in Ethiopia- The Nedamco Academy in Ethiopia stands as a foundation of the cooperative agreement, serving as a vital mecca for water capacity structure and education. The Nedamco Academy is on a charge to empower DDWSSA professionals with slice- edge knowledge and chops in technology and water operation.

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