Rimini Street is honored with Great Place to Work

Rimini Street,Inc.( Nasdaq RMNI), a global provider of end- to- end enterprise software support, products and services, the leading third- party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce ® and AWS mate, moment blazoned that it has earned a Great Place to Work ® instrument in Singapore for the first time and in Japan for a alternate successive time, and was honored among Top 50 India’s Stylish Workplaces ™ in IT & IT- BPM 2023 order.
Rimini Street’s achievements emphasize the company’s commitment to creating a plant culture of invention that laboriously engages and enhances the experience of its workers across the globe. This recognition builds on Rimini Street’s growing list of employer excellence awards including Great Place to Work ® instruments in Australia/ New Zealand, France, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, UK and USA, as well as Top Workplaces ™ USA 2023, UK’s Stylish Plant for Wellbeing ™ 2023 and UK’s Stylish Plant for Women ™ 2023 honors.

For over 30 times, Great Place to Work has surveyed over 100 million workers, with “ trust ” set up to be the heart of what makes a great plant. Great Place to Work’s Trust Model ™ serves as the foundation for the Trust Index Survey’s 60 questions that measure hand satisfaction. Surveyed companies who show outstanding performance in backing credibility, respect, fairness, pride and fellowship, have a lesser capability to attract and retain a largely engaged, high- performance pool that’s critical to business growth and success.

” erecting a great plant driven by a participated purpose is at the heart of our commercial morality, ” said Seth Ravin, chairman and CEO of Rimini Street. “ This recognition isn’t just a testament to our plant quality; it’s a festivity of the extraordinary people who make Rimini Street an exceptional place to grow, learn and contribute to commodity lasting and meaningful.”

Singapore workers Say Rimini Street is a safe-deposit box, Special Place to Work

The anonymous surveying of Rimini Street Singapore workers during the instrument process revealed

93 of workers feel that they’ve special and unique benefits at Rimini Street
93 of workers feel that Rimini Street is a safe place to work
“ At Rimini Street Singapore, we believe that a great plant is erected on trust, cooperation and a participated fidelity to excellence, ” participated Andrew Seow, GVP & general director of Rimini Street Southeast Asia and Greater China. “ This recognition demonstrates our ongoing sweats to produce an terrain where our platoon can contribute their stylish, eventually driving success for both our workers and the company as a whole.”

Japan workers Feel a Sense of Pride Working at Rimini Street

According to Great Place to Work Research, “ Connection to purpose drives better business issues, but that’s only if workers understand how their part connects to the association’s purpose. ” The results of Rimini Street Japan’s check show that workers feel a sense of pride in their work and that they make a difference at Rimini Street.

fresh results of the check include

93 of workers say operation trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders
90 of workers say they’re encouraged to balance their work life and their particular life
” Rimini Street Japan is veritably proud to be honored again as a Great Place to Work, ” said Yorio Wakisaka, GVP & general director of Rimini Street Japan. “ It reaffirms our commitment to creating an terrain where every existent can thrive, contribute and find fulfillment in their professional trip. ”

India workers Say Rimini Street is a Stylish Plant in the IT & IT- BPM Category

On the heels of earning its alternate Great Place to Work ® instrument, Rimini Street India has been honored among Top 50 India’s Stylish Workplaces ™ in IT & IT- BPM 2023 order. Grounded on the hand feedback gathered during the original instrument process, eligible IT and IT- BPM associations with at least 100 workers were automatically entered to win fresh recognition on a bravery Workplaces ™ list.

“ Rimini Street India is recognized to be listed among the Top 50 Stylish Workplaces ™ in IT & IT- BPM, ” said Raju Gadiraju, managing director of Rimini Street India. “ It reflects our charge of fostering a plant culture that puts workers at the core of all our work. Our success is a direct result of the passion and gift of our workers, who continue to drive Rimini Street forward as a dynamic and satisfying plant.”

Rimini Street’s Unique Approach to People

Cultivating and maintaining a pool of top gift that constantly achieves” extraordinary” results is crucial to the company’s continued growth. To achieve this, Rimini Street offers multitudinous programs aimed at maximizing hand performance and fostering high engagement situations, including

A flexible, four- day workweek to give for better work- life balance, now available through 2024
Learning and development programs through the Rimini Street University to cultivate professional growth and literacy capabilities for its pool
Global levy conditioning hosted by the Rimini Street Foundation, Rimini Street’s tone- funded charitable giving program
Anonymous hand engagement checks to help the company continually hear, measure, track, learn and succeed by assaying proven motorists of hand satisfaction.

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